Live Below The Line Challenge: Day Three

Jess McGlynnMarch 4, 2015

This week I have been challenged by Send A Cow to live below the line, surviving on just £1 a day for all my food and drink.  Here’s how I’m getting on:

Thoughts on Day Three
I spent all last night cringing about my monumental maths failure over the price of a teabag.  It even made me revisit my pricing for all my food just in case I’d fluffed that up too.  It looks okay though and I’ll share my shopping list with you all tomorrow so you can see how it worked out.

Dinner last night was better.  I had to resort to using the bag of frozen vegetables I’d bought as a ‘just in case’ having used most of the fresh vegetables in my failed soup.  I also used one of the eggs I had bought and made egg fried rice.  Although it wasn’t necessarily a taste sensation it was certainly better than the soup!  James offered me the leftover mash potato from their dinner as I think I was staring at his plate a little too longingly.  I managed to resist though, tempting at it was!

I felt quite full in the evening but I was extremely tired; I ended up going to sleep at 9pm which very rarely happens and this morning I was wide awake at 5am with a banging headache and a rumbling stomach.  I think my body may have used up its reserves now as I’ve really noticed the hunger pangs and my concentration levels have been non-existent.  I’ve staggered my food throughout the day to try and make up for it but it hasn’t really worked…I’m still hungry!  Heaven knows how I would cope if my life was more active than a sit-down job, school runs and the occasional yoga routine.  

I did treat myself to a cup of tea this morning and felt a real appreciation for being able to access clean, safe, water straight from a tap.  Trust me, tea has never tasted so good as that first sip did today.  I might have shed a tear.

The thing which continues to strike me is how very lucky we are.  Let’s be honest, there’s no real risk that I’m going to starve…at any point I could get up, go into my kitchen and help myself to some food.  When I watch the rest of my family tucking into their dinner there is nothing to stop me plating up some for myself.  Millions of people don’t have that option.  They don’t have access to clean water, they don’t have access to sufficient food.  When they wake up in the early hours with hunger pangs there isn’t a fridge full of tasty treats just waiting for them.

This is what I am focussing on; that Send A Cow’s work could make a real difference to people in this situation and if me being hungry for 5 days can help highlight that then…well, that’s amazing.  Although I might not be feeling so generous come Friday!

If you are feeling inspired by my journey, or feel like you could do better then why not sign up yourself?  Send A Cow are trying to raise £60,000 to help and teach families in Burundi (the world’s hungriest country) to grow enough food to feed themselves.  Find out more here.

Food on Day Three
Breakfast: Yoghurt – 30p
Snack: Apple – 12p
Lunch: Leftover pasta & sauce – 16p
Dinner: Undecided.  I have a couple of eggs, rice, pasta and a little bit of fresh veg left plus the remaining frozen veg.  Time for some creative thinking!

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