Live Below The Line Challenge: Day Four

Jess McGlynnMarch 5, 2015

This week I have been challenged by Send A Cow to live below the line, surviving on just £1 a day for all my food and drink.  Here’s how I’m getting on:-

Thoughts on Day Four
Last night I decided to use up my last potato and have mash potato with a little bit of gravy made from a stock cube.  Probably not the most nutritious meal on the planet but oh, how I enjoyed it.  There’s just something so comforting about mash potato, don’t you think?

I woke again this morning at 5.30am, that seems to be the norm now I’m not eating as much but the headaches have subsided a little.  Now it’s the latter half of the challenge I’ve decided to use up the eggs I bought so had one scrambled egg on a slice of toast for lunch; probably one of the most filling meals I’ve had aside from the pasta.  Dinner will be the remaining pasta and sauce and then Friday…well, Friday will be an interesting mix of using up whatever is left followed by a celebratory meal out in the evening with James’ brothers and sister and their partners.  

I figured it was okay as when I was out in Uganda the communities would have celebrations and get everybody together.  It’s exactly like that, yes?  Also I do feel like congratulating myself a little for having made it 5 days.  I just hope my stomach hasn’t shrunk too much!

Food on Day Four
Breakfast: Banana – 11p
Lunch: Scrambled egg on toast: 15p
Tea: Pasta and sauce: 16p

I also promised I would share my shopping list for anyone thinking about taking part in the challenge in April (please do and help to support Send A Cow and raise vital funds for Burundi.  You can find out more here.)

I bought fresh vegetables, loose where possible or if I couldn’t, I bought a larger bag and roughly calculated how much one or two of each would cost and I sourced my eggs locally at a much reduced rate (i.e. I know someone who has a chicken or two…)  I share this list knowing that some clever clogs is going to look back over my weekly calculations and realise I’ve gone wrong but I’m going with a) I am food deprived b) I am caffeine deprived c) I am sleep deprived and d) I am, and always have been, terrible at maths!

Bag of penne pasta: 29p
Small bag of rice: 75p
Jar of tomato and herb sauce: 39p
3 x potatoes: 36p
2 x carrots: 12p
2 x onion: 10p
1 x parsnip: 18p
1 x celery: 5p
6 x bananas: 44p
6 x eggs: 50p
Bread: 20p
Yoghurt: 60p
Bag of frozen veg: 75p
2 x Stock cube: 6p

Total: £4.79

The rest of the £5 was probably made up in sneakily drunk cups of tea, use of oil and occasional dashes of milk.

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