Cabin fever and an update…

Jess McGlynnMarch 13, 2015

Looking back through my photos I was shocked to see that we have only been under the ‘curse’ of chicken pox for the last 3 weeks.  It seems a lot longer!

I think we were unprepared for what a bad case of chicken pox would be like, with Meg’s being so mild.  It’s a shame Eli wasn’t so lucky.  The spots literally covered his body within an hour of the first dreaded one appearing and his face has been particularly bad.  We’ve had regular nightly wakings with him being completely inconsolable and not able to drop back off because of the incessant itching.

I haven’t been able to blog all week because it’s all been a bit up in the air so this is a bits and pieces type of post.  I’ve got so much to say but none of it really ‘fits’ together into one post.  So bear with me…

The week before last the company that James was working for went into administration and although he secured another job within a couple of days he has had this last week off work; a small blessing in disguise in that I’ve had help with Eli but not so much in that we’ve all been under each other’s feet 24/7!

I love spending time altogether but lack of sleep, poorly babies and facing the same 4 walls day after day doesn’t really lend itself to a happy mood.

All that said, we have managed to achieve a fair amount.  We had an awesome weekend last week, right before the pox arrived, going out for a gorgeous meal at Amalia in Liverpool (cannot recommend it highly enough) with James’ siblings.  This was very welcome after spending the week Living Below the Line for Send A Cow.

After stuffing ourselves with divine Italian food we headed off to stay overnight in Manchester where we went to see comedian Romesh Ranganathan at The Lowry.  I’m rather glad we declined sitting on the front row, I was nervous enough being on the 2nd although he mostly left the audience alone.  Didn’t stop me fidgeting in worry though!

We finally finished redecorating the kids room and it looks so much better; like a completely different room, we have also had a serious decluttering and a spring clean which has made the whole house feel brighter and lighter.  We just need the spring weather to come now.

Being in a rented house, we can’t do much with the walls but just giving it a fresh lick of paint and rearranging the space has made such a huge difference.

I went for coffee earlier in the week with the lovely Lisa from Hollybobbs and we discovered a great little place not too far away which I will definitely be returning to for writing purposes.  The coffee shop was gorgeous and without any wifi or phone signal it will be an excellent base from which to write book number two without any distractions.  I loved that we managed to while away several hours without even realising.  It was definitely nice to get out and away, even if I was a little under-dressed for the weather.  You know those times when you look out of the window and see the sun is shining and so automatically think that it will be warm?  Yep, I did that.  Only it wasn’t very warm.  Whoops.

I also enjoyed some more amazing food in the cafe.  It’s been a week of good food.  Not so great for my waistline however!

And then finally onto today.  Meg’s school were wearing something funny for Comic Relief so she opted to go as a ‘funny bunny’ and Eli’s chicken pox have finally scabbed over meaning we could get out for some much needed fresh air, and a trip to the local village cafe for an after-school Friday treat too, of course.

Hopefully things will be slightly more normal next week and we can get back into our routine…right in time for the Easter holidays!


  • Lisa

    March 13, 2015 at 19:36

    It was so lovely meeting up this week, hopefully Eli will be better next week x

  • Louise Fairweather

    March 13, 2015 at 19:45

    Love Megs funny bunny – so cute! Luckily it was just red with us so no thought required

  • Suzanna Gregg

    March 13, 2015 at 21:15

    I like the bits and pieces, and am glad that in the midst of the pox you managed to enjoy a few little pleasures. x

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