Cadbury’s Eggsplorers Easter Egg Trails

Jess McGlynnMarch 30, 2015

If you are looking for something fun to do in the Easter holidays then why not check out one of the fantastic Cadbury’s Eggsplorers Easter Egg Trails?

Over a quarter of a million Cadbury Eggheads have been delivered to 300 National Trust properties ahead of the annual trails which will take place between the 3rd and the 6th of April.

This means 21.5 tonnes of chocolate, thousands of eggs and lots of creativity needed from staff to ensure they are well hidden!  Temporary locations include inside grandfather clocks, pianos, vases and bookcases.

If you want to unleash your inner explorer and take part in one of the trails then you can discover which trail is nearest to you here:

The Cadbury’s Eggsplorers Easter Egg Trails are now in their 8th year and are proving as popular as ever.  Last year over 680,000 people got involved and the National Trust is hopeful for the same number of people again, if not more!

We are going to be heading to our local trail and I’ll update you with how we got on later.  Be sure to have a look and see where your nearest trail is!

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