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Jess McGlynnMarch 30, 2015

Did you know that in the UK alone we create 4.2 million tonnes of food waste each year?  How immense is that!  

We are quite keen meal planners but I have to admit that sometimes, even despite our best intentions we are guilty of contributing to that amount.  When I was asked to take part in a blog challenge relating to the Love Food Hate Waste campaign I was more than happy to get involved and see how I could improve on our eating habits to ensure that we aren’t needlessly throwing food away.

If you want to see more of how I got on then you can in the video below.  It contains some interesting facts, and some ideas for how to make a meal go further:-

The whole purpose of Love Food Hate Waste is to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste and help us take action.  It shows that by doing some easy, practical everyday things in the home we can all waste less food, which will ultimately benefit our purses and the environment too.  Visit the website to see more.  In essence, the campaign is made up of 5 elements:-

Meal Planning
Taking a little extra time before you go to the supermarket to plan your meals can be a huge help and can ensure that you don’t get home and realise that your trolley full of food actually equates to very little meals.  There are loads of food planners online you can print out and use, and there’s a great one here at Love Food, Hate Waste.

Savvy Storage
Make sure your food doesn’t go bad well before it should by understanding and utilising proper storage.  This means things like keeping your vegetables in the fridge, freezing meat and other food products if you know that you won’t use them before their use by date (watch the vlog for my insider tip!)

Understanding Dates
Know the difference between ‘sell by’ and ‘use by’.  ‘Sell by’ only applies to the supermarkets, the one you need to keep an eye out for is ‘use by’.  Again, as above, if you know that you won’t use something by the date then freeze it.  Most food products now come with a handy symbol which shows whether they can be frozen or not.

Portion Sizes
Are you guilty of making too much pasta or rice?  I know I am, I do it all the time and then I have to feed it to James to make myself feel better!  Recently I bought a measuring device for spaghetti which has been really useful but there are also guides online which demonstrate how you can work out the different portion sizes with handy measuring tips.

Got some leftover veg?  Throw it into a casserole.  
Got leftover meat? Make a pie.
Got leftover sauce? Freeze it and use it to flavour a pasta dish.

There are loads of ways you can use up leftover food, as I said above, I cover one in my video blog if you are interested to see.  Have a look online and you’ll find tons of information of crafty and clever ways to make food go further and to use up anything leftover at the end of cooking a meal for your family.  This has to be one of the worst ways in which we waste food and I am definitely feeling the challenge to be better!

Disclosure: I was provided with vouchers to purchase the food used in the video above.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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