On Turning Six…

Jess McGlynnMay 11, 2015

I’m afraid this part of the year is when my blog becomes full of birthday homages to my children…but today is the day my biggest turns six.  Six!!

Without a doubt Meg you are a firecracker; headstrong and stubborn are just two of your more trying traits!  I have said it time and again that I love how passionate you are, even if it’s about small seemingly insignificant things but it doesn’t half challenge us as parents.

You are so much more independent now, even more so than just a few months ago.  You were recently given a headteacher’s award for demonstrating how well you can get on with things now without needing so much input from the adults around you.  Some days you come home from school, tear away to your room and I don’t see hide nor hair from you…until you decide that you are hungry at least, and then you will emerge and ask repeatedly for a snack…

Whilst I was writing this you came into the study, climbed on my knee and snuggled in for a cuddle.  I love that no matter how independent you have become, you still love nothing more than a squishy, squeezy cuddle.  You’re almost too big to fit on my knee now although you will still try to curl yourself up into a tiny ball.  And you are so your mother’s daughter; you love nothing more than bringing the duvet downstairs and burrowing yourself under for the duration of the day.  I can’t wait until you are a little older and we can spend whole days just watching DVD’s together.

You love to write in notebooks, you must have almost as many as me now squirrelled away with tales of your day, registers from your ‘classes’, ailments from your toys when you play doctor and so on.  Imaginative play is still your favourite and you will spend hours creating the ideal scenario…only for Eli to come along and destroy it all.  The difficulties of being a big sister unfortunately…

That said, you suffer your role well, for the most part.  You include Eli in your games although often this means he is the one you send off to do the mischievous part of your plans so that when he inevitably gets caught you can claim to have no knowledge of it.

You are less practical and less logical than your little brother, given more to flights of fancy than cold hard facts.  This makes your Daddy twitch when he is trying to teach you maths; you struggle with remembering your number bonds but could recite an entire fairytale you have made up, word for word, several times.  I don’t think this is a bad thing; I was never any good at maths either!  You love rhyming words and will make up songs and poems, trying out different sounds until you find something you like.  

You are still a little magpie; anything which sparkles or glitters gets taken away and hidden under your bed or if it’s really something special then it takes pride of place under your pillow.  Every week I have to make sure I put all your treasures and trinkets back exactly as I found them; and every week I wonder exactly how you manage to sleep with so many lumps and bumps under your head.

And no mention of your skills could be complete without talking about your gymnastics.  It makes me so proud to see you week after week taking part in your class.  It’s amazing to watch you walk backwards, on your tiptoes, on a high beam completely unaided.  You will twist with elegance and jump in a straight shape, landing and finishing perfectly.  Fantastic!  Especially when you then trip over on your way back to joining the next queue.  How someone can be at once both incredibly coordinated and clumsy is beyond me.

You’d squirm with embarrassment if I read out the above to you but I hope you know how proud we are of you, Meg.  You are adventurous, passionate, creative, loving and precious and we hope you have a wonderful 6th birthday.

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