Review: Love Your Zelf

Jess McGlynnJuly 11, 2015

Over the last year or so we’ve been introduced to some new and interesting toy characters as Meg has gotten older.  Gone as the trusty names we knew and loved, the ones we could rely on and in their place are whole ranges of toys we never knew existed!

One of these collections are The Zelfs.  The Zelfs are special little creatures who live in the garden of Zardenia; they appear when the twilight moon is in the sky and share their special powers with you…if you are lucky!  

Each Zelf has a different skill or power and you get a little bio on the back of each packet.

Made of plastic, they have fully moveable limbs (including tail!) and the head moves as well. They sort of remind me of the trolls I used to collect with the brightly coloured hair, only slightly more attractive and interesting.  They seem to be good quality, and a decent size to be played with and carried around as well.

The only thing I have noted so far is that the hair does shed if pulled around too vigorously and also, if you aren’t a fan of small trinkets then you might want to remove the small accessories which come with them – I know I have accidentally hoovered up more than one little piece of something when it has been left out on the floor by a child!

 There is a whole range of Zelf’s to collect and they each come with different accessories; the two we were sent to review included a mini brush, some hair elastics and a twirly thing which I was assured by the packet would slide into the Zelfs hair (although the jury is still out on that one as I can’t seem to do it!)  Series 5 Zelfs are the newest release and their speciality is that they now have funky printed hair; stripes, spots and streaks all in vibrant colours.

Meg is really into collectibles at the moment and loved the little booklet which came, showing the different Zelfs in the range and also featuring a little picture of Zardenia.  I like that the majority of the Zelfs are within pocket money range meaning they won’t take too long to save up for and collect.

You can style the Zelfs and although we couldn’t get the hair clip to work Meg had great fun creating hairstyles with the funky sticky-up hair.

Aimed at children aged 5+, the range starts at £1.99 for the mini Zelfs (the ones pictured here are Medium size which retail at around £5.99)

Overall thoughts:-

*A good size, fun to carry around out and about to keep Meg entertained.
* Meg enjoyed styling the hair although it does shed so bear this in mind.
*Well priced.

We were sent two Zelfs for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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