Review: Fireman Sam Diecast Vehicle Set

Jess McGlynnJuly 13, 2015

As I am sure I have mentioned numerous times on the blog, Eli is a huge Fireman Sam fan so when we were sent the new diecast vehicle set from Character Option to review he was over the moon (especially as Meg has just recently been sent The Zelfs).

I have always favoured diecast toys over plastic ones; I think they are more durable and hard wearing and less likely to be crunched on by James when he’s crossing a room.  This is something which has happened more times than I care to mention!

This particular set contains Venus, Neptune and Jupiter and is aimed at children aged 3+.  The set is so new that it isn’t available on the Character Option website yet but I imagine it will be similarly priced to the existing Fireman Sam products which feature there.  I wish I could comment on the cost-effectiveness of the product and I am interested to see what it will eventually be priced at as this can make a real difference when evaluating and reviewing a product.

As you can see from the photos, they are perfectly sized to fit in the palm of a child’s hand and Eli has so far had hours of fun playing with them.  He has a number of other toys in the Fireman Sam range which are slightly larger and allow for characters to be put in and out but I don’t think he has missed those whilst he has been occupied using these vehicles for various rescue missions across our house.

There are already individual diecast vehicles available for purchase from Character Option; I imagine they are larger than the ones here but don’t quote me on that!

Overall thoughts:-

*Well made for hours of fun.
*A good size to be handled by children and taken out and about.

I think Eli definitely gives this product the thumbs up and I would certainly not hesitate to recommend the set for any Fireman Sam fan.

Disclaimer: We were sent the diecast vehicle set for the purpose of this review.  However all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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