Back to School with George at Asda

Jess McGlynnAugust 1, 2015

Some of you may know that this September Eli starts school and aside from the emotional connotations this comes with, it also means two sets of new school uniform to be bought in preparation.  That means two lots of shirts, two lots of school jumpers, two lots of shoes, and water bottles and…you get the idea.

I had decided that we would sort the uniform out when we got back from our holiday and when we had been paid again, expecting that furnishing two children for a new school term wouldn’t be cheap.  But then I was asked whether I would be interested in reviewing George’s back to school range; of course I said yes!

We had never bought uniform from George before so I didn’t know what to expect regarding quality, sizing, price etc and was a completely blank slate when visiting the website to see what was on offer.

Firstly, I was surprised at the price.  Although not everything was in stock, so I couldn’t completely kit out Meg and Eli I managed to buy:

* 3 pinafores
* 1 skirt
* 6 shirts
* 6 blouses
* 3 pairs of trousers
* 2 pairs of shorts
* 2 pairs of plimsolls
* 1 water bottle

…for less than £60.

That just left the sizing and quality.  When you are buying a pair of trousers for £3.50 I think it’s okay to expect that perhaps they won’t be the best and I’ll be honest and say that this is what I had in mind.

I was surprised then to see that the quality is actually pretty fair for the price that you pay.  I think you would only know the difference if you put them directly up against a more expensive item, and George do offer a range of pinafores, for example, in their school uniform shop from their starting price of about £3 upwards.  I can’t comment yet on how they will last but because I was new to buying uniform from George I asked around and received the following comments from friends and family:-

‘I have bought lots of items from their range, always keep their shape and good sizing’

‘Their cardigans lasted well but did shrink a bit in the wash’

‘We find their clothes brilliant, they do come up a bit big but we’ve always bought my niece and nephews clothes from there.  Brilliant value’

‘We have bought trousers and shorts from there for the last 2 terms and they have lasted so will be going back’

For me, the only thing which was a bit of a struggle was the sizing.  As Eli hasn’t worn uniform before I measured him and worked with the sizing charts on the George website to get the closest size for him.  Although a little on the large size, for the most part they were all fine.  For Meg I ordered her current size which was 6-7 years and when they arrived they were far too big.  This prompted me to go online and read some of the reviews which seemed to reveal that some people found the sizing too big, others too small and others spot on.  Pretty standard I would say seeing as children aren’t all one size!

In the end we ventured out into our actual Asda store and tried some items on her to get the sizing right and I would recommend doing this if you aren’t sure what size you need to go for.  Of course another plus is that some of the trousers, shorts and skirts come with an adjustable waist so you have the option to tighten or loosen as the year progresses which is invaluable as a mummy of a little boy with long legs and a non-existent waist and there are a range of styles, from skinny fit to longer legs.

One other thing I noted and which quite impressed me was that the girls blouses are pleated at the back which gives them a nicer shape.  It pulls them in at the back and makes them appear fitted rather than just a shapeless square; which is better when wearing skirts and trousers I think, especially for older girls.

Overall thoughts:-

* You get a lot for your money
* Once you get the sizing right, the items fit well
* Well made, good quality
* We will almost certainly return to buy future uniform from 

Now I just need to get over the lump in my throat which appears every time I see Eli dressed in his new school uniform!

Disclosure: We were sent the items free of charge for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  • Holly Hollyson

    September 1, 2015 at 16:32

    I love to see the children in their new school uniforms all ready for school. There aren't any school uniforms in Canada, which I think is such a huge shame 🙁

  • Kim Carberry

    September 1, 2015 at 16:32

    Aww! Bless them! They look so smart…..
    I always get my girls uniforms from Asda….

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