Interiors: Cosy up this winter

Jess McGlynnSeptember 16, 2015

I have to admit that although I am not such a fan of our current weather which seems to be all over the place, I am sort of excited that we are heading towards my favourite time of the year.  There is something about the colder months which just makes you want to snuggle under a blanket with a good book, with low lighting and candles flickering away…you get the idea!

Changing up the house for the winter months is a favourite pastime and every year I look for a new element to bring in.  I always think that come January when everything has been packed away again the houses look so bare and empty, although this does have an advantage for heading into spring.

I think most people like to change their home for the season and if you love the idea of making your home cosy over autumn and winter then read on.  I have been gathering inspiration over the last few weeks so when Carpetright contacted me and asked me to write a post about winter flooring it inspired me to share my ideas with you all:-

Gentle greys, warm browns, soft purples all work in this season and are much more inviting than clinical white.  If you have a neutral palette to work with then bringing in additional colours shouldn’t be too difficult.

Wool cushions and blankets are all ideal accessories to bring a cosy autumn and winter feeling into your home.  You could go the whole hog and change up your seat covers, or pictures but if you want to keep things simple then I would go for just one or two changes. Throw a blanket or two over the back of your sofa; not only can you use this practically when the cooler weather sets in but it also gives the impression of somewhere inviting and cosy to sit.

My personal preference when it comes to blankets, and cushions to be honest, is for anything tartan; I think that automatically brings to mind roaring log fires and delicious hot chocolate but that’s just me.  I know I am driving James mad with my gradually growing collection of tartan wool blankets!

The dog appreciates my efforts though.

You could also think about adding a wicker basket with logs or a bowl filled with pine cones to bring the outside in.

Although cool laminate flooring might have felt wonderful and refreshing under your feet in the warmer months there’s just nothing worse first thing in the morning than stepping onto cold flooring.  You could invest in a good pair of slippers or you could buy a nice rug; my personal favourite for this season are fluffy, deep pile rugs you can sink your toes into, such as sheepskin.  I think I secretly might want to live in some kind of country manor (read: most definitely do) .

For some reason, during the colder months we tend to think our lighting needs to be lower despite the fact that it gets darker earlier in the day.  Rather than just using the dimmer switch, try to create different levels of lighting; this will create a feeling of warmth within the room.

I have already started stocking up on my winter scents.  I can’t get enough of them!  Is there anything better than coming home to the smell of cinammon?  Of course there are plenty of others as well, apple and pine, mulled wine…the list is endless.

I haven’t actually started making the move to dressing up our home for autumn yet but I’m sure if you keep an eye on our Instagram account I’ll be sharing photos soon enough.

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