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Jess McGlynnNovember 11, 2015

When I had my laser eye surgery done 11 years ago I rejoiced at the thought of never having to choose another pair of glasses again.  Unfortunately, my eyes had other ideas and a couple of years ago I realised that once again I would need to be faced with the painstaking process of finding the right kind of glasses.

The problem I have is that my face is very narrow so often the styles of glasses that I like are too wide for my face.  I have a real thing about the thick black frames and think they look so good but unfortunately they just don’t work for me.

In the end (and this is very embarrassing) I had to purchase my current pair of glasses from the teen section of the opticians as it was the only way I could get the frames to fit my annoyingly small face.  Although I did get the black frames, they also have a very fetching bright pink and white graffiti type pattern on the inside which is less endearing now I’m almost 30 years old!

I am actually due another trip to the opticians and on the one hand I quite like the thought of getting some new glasses but on the other, knowing how long it will take me to choose a pair I like…I’ve been putting it off for some time!

I know, of course, that it isn’t just me who has this problem; I’ve spent an equally long time with James trying on different pairs of glasses and trying to work out which ones he wants to plump for.  Glasses aren’t cheap and it’s only natural that you want to be sure that you are 100% happy with the frames you have chosen if you are going to spend your hard-earned money on them.

So I was intrigued when SCLO got in touch to say they had put together a useful infographic on how to choose glasses to suit your face shape.  I also like that SCLO handily point you in the direction of certain glasses which might then suit your particular face shape; so you have somewhere to start when it comes to finding your next pair of specs.

I think I almost certainly fall into the ‘Oval Face’ category whereas James has a more circular shaped face and can get away with those thicker frames that I admire so much.

Definitely check out the guide if you can relate to ever being stood in the opticians, some time after your eye test finished, trying on yet another pair of glasses and trying to remember how it compared to the last fifty pairs you tried on…or is that just me?!

Do you have trouble finding the right pair of glasses?

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