The Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Jess McGlynnNovember 18, 2015

Last Thursday we were invited to Event City in Manchester to attend the opening day of the Ideal Home Show at Christmas.  I was obviously incredibly excited as I love this festive time of year and any excuse to buy new decorations and trinkets was okay by me.

Sponsored by GoCompare, there were over 300 exhibitors all showcasing their Christmas related wares.  From Interiors and Home Accessories to Fashion and Beauty, and everything in between there was so much to see.

As well as the exhibitors there were a number of ‘features’ too such as learning how to decorate your home to Christmas perfection with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, how to cook the perfect Christmas dinner with Gino D’Acamp and many more.

We arrived amid a flurry of fake snow and after having my photo taken with Santa and his helpful elf (obviously) we made our way inside. 

Less interested in the home renovation section we passed through the sparkly Christmas trees and immediately headed for the interiors and accessories section…which was obviously going to be my favourite part.  There were some amazing vendors, my particular two favourites being Project Rudolph and Grace and Grey.

Both these sellers were right up my street and I was totally taken in by this little fella.  He will be taking pride of place on my tree this year.

After a quick wander, picking up some sneaky Christmas presents for the kids, which were incredibly priced (I picked up a Kinetic Sand kit for Meg for just £5!) we decided to listen to Laurence in the Christmas Theatre showing us all his top decorating skills before heading over to the Smooth Radio Christmas Lounge where we both enjoyed a free back massage.

The Champagne Bar was literally right next to the Christmas Lounge so it seemed rude not to grab a glass and sit back and soak up the sounds and talk about which theme we wanted to go for this year.  James was surprisingly silent at this point…

The life of a blogger is never done…

Then it was lunchtime and we grabbed a table in the Food & Drink section so we could eat from one of the food stalls whilst listening to the delightful sound of Gino D’Acampo dragging ‘volunteers’ up from the audience to assist with his cooking segment.  I am very glad I wasn’t in his line of sight!

After lunch we had another quick wander around and then we had to leave in order to get back to pick the kids up from school.  It was a great day out and as a big fan of all things Christmas related I absolutely loved it.

Whether you want to be inspired or just want to find some great Christmas decorations and gift ideas in one place, this is a fantastic event to go to and although the event in Manchester has now finished for the year, the Ideal Home Show at Christmas is just gearing up for it’s main event in London, so there’s still time to get your tickets.

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