My Christmas Wish List

Jess McGlynnNovember 24, 2015

Despite my love of making lists, when it comes to making my own list of what I would like for Christmas, I have been drawing a huge blank.  I have lists of what the kids would like, lists of the festive food which needs to be bought, even lists of bits and pieces we need to decorate the house but I have been struggling to think of things that I would like.

So I decided to spend the morning browsing the internet and coming up with a decent wish list of things that I would quite like Santa to put under the tree this Christmas.  Who knows, maybe James will light upon this post and take some inspiration from it!

Roberts Revival DAB Radio
I have wanted a Roberts Revival DAB Radio for so long but have just never been able to justify the expense.  Maybe if we get a small windfall before Christmas, or if Santa is feeling particularly generous this year, I might finally get one.

Pandora Silver Luminous Leaves Ring
You can never go wrong with jewellery and I love this ring.  It’s delicate and Pandora (and what woman doesn’t love Pandora?!) I am hit and miss with jewellery but I think this would be perfect for daily wear.

Happy Jackson
Yep, I’d pretty much take anything in the Happy Jackson range.  I love the quirky colours and phrases and these would be perfect for 2016 in my new study in my new house.  The mug in particular makes me smile.

Molton Brown
It’s important to take time out for yourself (yes?) and I love Molton Brown products.  They just bring such a luxurious feel to any bath.  I don’t even mind when the kids inevitably need the toilet and start banging the door down the minute the tip of my big toe touches the water.

Richard & Judy Book Club
It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t have at least one book on my Christmas list but this year I’m hoping for the Autumn/Winter list from the Richard & Judy book club.  I enjoy that they always choose a variety and I often end up reading something incredibly enjoyable but which I wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.

Lights, Camera, Action
Over the past few years, as my blog has progressed I have taken more interest in photography and this year in particular I have really been craving a way of creating better lighting for some of my pictures.  These lights come highly recommended by a number of bloggers and I think they would be perfect for those grey and miserable days we seem to get so often up here in the North West.

So there you have it…just a few things I am hoping to get under the tree this Christmas *hint hint*

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  • Louise Fairweather

    December 1, 2015 at 10:57

    oooo I think I could do with those lights x

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    December 1, 2015 at 10:57

    So yes, I want your entire list! I should just forward this to my husband! Hope you get some of it x

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