Siblings {January}

Jess McGlynnJanuary 15, 2016

Here we are, about to embark on a whole new year of Siblings photos.  I have loved looking back over the past couple of years and seeing just how different both Meg and Eli look.  Sometimes in just the space of a month they suddenly look more grown up…I need time to slow down!

It’s harder to see what they get up to now that they are both at school and when they come home I have noticed that Meg needs a lot more ‘down time’ than before; quite often she will shut her door and read a book or listen to some music, closing out the world for a while.

First thing in the morning though, very little has changed.  I wake to the sounds of an intense battle for the universe being conducted with lightsabers and shrieks and shouts of joy as they take on the bad guys or clunks and bumps as they slide up and down the stairs on some sort of secret spy mission, using only night vision goggles to make their way around the house…their games are so much  more creative now, if a little loud and I love that they still get so much from playing with each other.

There are also quieter moments as well, such as this one grabbed in a rush before it was missed. 

I honestly think it is such a privilege to get to nurture and guide their relationship with each other; having a person you can rely on through thick and thin is such a special thing and we try to foster that within them; to look out for each other, make sure that they are okay and to always have one another’s backs.  

I hope it always continues to be this way!  Give or take the odd ridiculous argument over whether someone is sitting too close to someone else on the sofa of course…

And because I am going for a more candid approach to parenting this year; here’s one which perhaps shows Meg and Eli at their most realistic!

The Me and Mine Project

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