Best of the Rest, Our Break in Oslo…

Jess McGlynnJanuary 19, 2016

Although I always try to tell a personal story with my posts there are, inevitably, photos which I love but which just don’t fit into the narrative I am creating with my posts.  This was certainly the case with my recent posts about our weekend break in Oslo and with over 800 photos to choose from it’s probably easy to understand why!

However, I love sharing my captured moments and for that reason I thought I would write this post just to showcase those pictures which to me, tell a thousand words, but which I couldn’t quite make fit anywhere else.

So here are the best of the rest, as it were.  They are mostly candid shots of Meg and Eli, which didn’t really fit but which I love as they are a true representation of our time in Norway.  And the fact that my children are born performers, especially when they have an audience.

Another aeroplane shot, I know.  But there’s just something about this one I love.

Eli was so taken with this giant tree is Oslo Central Station that every time we passed through (which was quite a few times…) we had to stop and count the baubles.  He amused the rail staff no end and I’m sure they actually started to recognise us in the end.

Another great Eli moment: not believing that people had ever lived in houses which were so tall.  ‘But it’s like a treehouse’ he kept on saying.

One of my favourite candid shots; they look so much like they aren’t enjoying themselves when in fact they loved getting to sit so close to the fire.

Two from the top of Oslo Opera House.  Because once you’ve braved the treacherous slopes and steps you have to leave your name in the frost so everyone else can know too, right?!

James got a bit creative with the camera when we went to Vigeland Park and tried to capture the frost and just how cold it really was.  This is one of my favourites.

Meg and Eli mid-performance outside the Royal Palace on Karl Johans Gate.  Not sure what the tongue thing is all about…they had a great time dancing and doing their thing whilst we stood off to one side and pretended they weren’t with us…!

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