Me & Mine {January}

Jess McGlynnFebruary 1, 2016

I can hardly believe that it’s the end of January; this month just seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye as we have fought to get back into the routines of work and school and after-school clubs and not nearly as much writing as I had hoped to get done.

We’ve all been battling the germs this month so we’ve sorted of stumbled to the end of the finishing line; sickness bugs have thrown Meg and Eli and I’ve had a cold for the better part of two weeks, not to mention James’ annual cough…suffice to say we are very much looking forward to the arrival of spring and the warmer weather.  Bring it on!

I also can’t believe that this is the third year that we are taking part in the wonderful project that is Me & Mine; that means I have at least 24 photos of us altogether as a family (not counting the many I take which could never see the light of day!) something it is lovely to look back on and compare how much we’ve changed, even from month to month.

For the past two years our Me & Mine January photos have been taken at Formby Beach; we’ve usually been taking our Christmas tree there to be planted and it’s always just the perfect opportunity to grab a selfie.

So I had all these romantic ideas of heading back there again and capturing another photo of us all.  Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and it was so windy that we’re all just squinting and grimacing to try and keep the sand in our faces to a minimum.

The dog also usually wants nothing to do with our photo taking but even she was sticking close by as a sign that she wanted to escape the cold and get back into the car!

What can you do?

We tried again the following weekend when we headed into the woods but the light wasn’t playing and I think we were all pretty chilly, which comes across in our faces.

So this month it’s all about the candid family shot.  The one which showcases clearly across all our faces that January has been a pretty bitter month weather wise!

The Me and Mine Project


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