Review: Trolley Bags

Jess McGlynnApril 9, 2016

A couple of weeks ago the lovely folk at Trolley Bags asked me whether I was interested in reviewing their product.  I have to admit I was intrigued at the idea of a packing system which was interconnected; and which rolled up so easily.

We have a drawer in our kitchen which is overflowing with reusable bags (thanks to the number of times we head out to the shops and forget to take any with us!) so I was a bit dubious about introducing more reusable bags into our lives…I don’t think I needed to be.

I waited a couple of weeks until I was ready to do a big monthly shop as I wanted to really put the bags to the test.

The Trolley Bags are very simply four different sized bags which are connected via strips of velcro.  When not in use they roll up into a handy tube which can then be placed onto the front of the trolley (no worrying about ending up with your bags ending up buried at the bottom of your trolley!)

When you are ready to use the bags you simply unroll them and place them inside the trolley and they have rails which can be balanced along the edges of the trolley to keep them upright.  This is ideal for normal shopping but also if you do scan as you shop, as you can just pack as you go along as well as for people like myself, who like to shop in Aldi it’s a real dream.

If you aren’t familiar with the packing system at Aldi then you have to reload everything into your trolley and then pack away from the conveyor belt and till.  It’s usually a royal pain as you have everything put nicely into your trolley and then when it comes to paying they whizz all your shopping through so quickly that it ends up all over the place.  Then you have to find enough space to pack it all into your bags at the end…you get my point!

Being able to just unroll the Trolley Bags and pack as the items were scanned was such a time saver.  I even got into a very lengthy conversation with the girl serving about the bags and she commented that she was seeing more and more people with them and would be sure to recommend them.  Pretty good!

The bags are four different sizes which is helpful although you need to be careful not to overfill the bags as it may then prove difficult to get them out of your trolley.  I definitely found this and I have tried to bear it in mind since; the bags were slightly too long for the trolley I used so when I went to lift them out and into my car all the weight suddenly dropped to the bottom and there was a hairy moment when I ended up trapped between the boot of my car and a very very heavy bag.  So don’t overfill is the lesson!

I drive a Peugeot 307 and all four bags easily fit into the boot.

I liked that as the bags are different colours you can sort your shopping out into categories (is that just me?!) which made it easy for unpacking at home as well.

What I liked:-

* A really simple system which can easily be transported.  Once I’d emptied the bags out I rolled them back up and immediately put them into my boot for the next time.

* Different coloured and sized bags made sorting and packing items easy.

* Fit easily into my boot even with each bag full.

* I fit a monthly shop (for a family of 4) into all of the bags.

* Good value for money at only £17.99

What I didn’t like:-

* The interconnecting rails do stick over the edge of the trolley quite a bit.  I would be wary of children accidentally catching themselves or getting poked in the eye as they are unfortunately right at head height.

* Be careful to avoid overfilling as the large bag in particular can end up being extremely heavy

Overall I was very impressed with the bags and have used them a number of times since being sent them for review.

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