Hooray, It’s The Holidays!

Jess McGlynnApril 11, 2016

I feel like we are some of the last people in the country to finally finish for the Easter holidays but we are finally there!

I was looking back over how we spent our Easter holidays last year and I can’t believe how different the weather is; as I write this the rain is hammering at the windows and Meg and Eli are bouncing off the walls desperate to get outside and play in the garden.  Last year we spent almost every single day outside.  I’m hoping that this British weather bucks its ideas up and we don’t have rubbish rain every day!

We don’t have many plans at the moment which partly I love and partly I don’t.  Usually I’m a proper nerd about the holidays and I make whole spreadsheets covering the things we could get up to…I haven’t done that this time and although that feels kind of nice I also want to make the most of having them both at home.

Maybe I should use some of our ideas from last year for inspiration!

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