Now You are Five…

Jess McGlynnMay 9, 2016

Each year I love to sit down and write a post reflecting on how the children are another year older around the time of their birthdays…I say love but I’m pretty sure I have a little cry after I finish each post wondering how on earth my babies are reaching such big numbers!

This year is no different and over the weekend Eli turned 5 years old.  We have had 5 whole years of this fiesty and fearless little character in our lives and oh how we have changed for it.


I spent some time before sitting down to write this, reading over the posts I’ve written since you were 2.  It makes me smile to think that even back then we could see the traits emerging which would dominate your personality.  You started school back in September and have come on in leaps and bounds but we still see the flashes of stubbornness, the determination to go your own way, the creativity and inquisitiveness which follows you around.

I loved going to parents evening a couple of months ago and listening to your teacher describe you as such a bright little boy who never stops asking questions and it’s nice to think that you are exactly the same way at school as you are at home (although sometimes I do wish for a break from the incessant question asking!)

Affection and cuddles are still very much a selective thing; you love to offer them up on your own terms and are currently going through a phase where you will take them away too.  ‘I hate you’ now features on a regular basis especially when you are feeling frustrated.  It’s hard sometimes not to take it too personally and to remember that it is the passion you have and the need for independence which sometimes sends you over the edge, especially when you can’t have your own way and you can’t understand why.

That passion and drive, that reach for freedom and independence…I see so much of myself in the way you are, right down to the way you react when you can’t have your own way.  Oh I know that feeling of being stifled very well!  You are so quick to change temperament though; not like your sister who can hold a grudge for weeks…one minute you are raging about an injustice and the next you are disarming and charming everyone with your cheeky smile.

You are very invested in things being ‘fair’ and life is very black and white for you.  I can’t decide yet if this is a good thing or a bad thing, I suppose only time will tell.  So far I see that it is good because you aren’t afraid to speak up if you see something isn’t right, even on behalf of someone else, but it also means there is no room for negotiation; something is either okay or it isn’t.  I hope that with maturity will come a greater comprehension that it can’t always be so simple.

Star Wars is the name of the game at the moment and you absolutely adore anything to do with it, although you tend to favour the dark side over the light which is only slightly worrying!!  You aren’t so keen on your school reading books but you will devour anything and everything related to Star Wars, reading words which often catch us off-guard when we wonder how on earth you know them.

You are also starting to get into football now and want to please your Daddy so much with your knowledge.  You often ask me questions so you can later regale Daddy with all the things you know about the players.

You have such a thirst for life and you really come alive when you are outside.  We have started to notice a real difference in the way that you behave when you are inside versus when you are outdoors.  You choose to head outside in all weathers; rain, shine, hail…

You still make us all laugh; you have a wicked sense of humour and a real grasp of sarcasm which is surprising in someone so young.  You are still Meg’s favourite person to have a giggle with and I hope that will long continue.

I shared a little status over on Facebook at the weekend about how you make us feel all the emotions on a daily basis and that really is so true.  You make us laugh with your random quips and silly expressions…you make us frustrated with your stubborness and refusal to bend unless on your own terms…you make us afraid because you are so fearless…but most of all you make us feel like the luckiest parents.  We get to do this journey with you.  And that is pretty awesome.

Happy 5th birthday gorgeous boy.

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