Books For Us and Books For Them ǀǀ Reading Update

Jess McGlynnMay 11, 2016

As you might have realised if you have spent any amount of time looking at my social media or reading the blog…we are a family of bookworms.  Each of us adores reading and it’s something that I absolutely love.

You are just as likely to find Meg or Eli curled up on their beds reading than you are to find her tearing around outside; although plenty of that does happen too just for good measure!

I thought it might be interesting just to give you a little update on the books we are currently reading and where we are all at; as much for a record for myself as anything else!

I have just finished The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and I absolutely loved it.  I’ll be doing a full review over on my YouTube Channel shortly but let’s just say that it’s a book I would highly recommend.  Set in World War Two in Occupied France, it’s about two sisters and how they each get involved in their own form of resistance against the Nazis.  A wonderfully written book, I honestly couldn’t put it down.  

I’m also currently working my way through an ARC copy of The Museum of You by Carys Bray and I also hope to pick up We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver in the next few days as well.

James was given the Rick Riordan, Heroes of Olympus book set for his birthday and I have pretty much lost him since then.  He is a huge Rick Riordan fan and although he was halfway through Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas that was quickly abandoned when the PJ books arrived; such is their pull!

Still sitting just below Middle Grade books, Meg is currently enjoying The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl, The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton and Kittens in the Kitchen by Lucy Daniels.  She is on Stage 10 reading books at school which are still very basic chapter books and not nearly as enjoyable as the fiction books she has at home but we read what we must!

Eli, meanwhile is racing up behind Meg having just been moved onto Stage 6 books at school.  At home he is very much into reading little Star Wars stories although we are also reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl with him as well.  I am currently looking at other suitable books he could have at home to broaden his reading materials.

I had this great idea to showcase the books we were currently reading in a quirky way…as you can see, it didn’t quite work out.  Apparently I’m the only member of the family who likes to wear socks!  Back to the drawing board on that one I think…

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