On Turning Seven…

Jess McGlynnMay 13, 2016

There is still some part of me which sits and thinks, ‘I can’t be the parent of a seven year old’ and then I glance across the room and see you, looking so grown up and so independent and then I think, ‘actually, yes I can.’

I always thought that the amount you changed would slow down as you got older but you have come so far in just one year.  You are caught in that interesting place between wanting to be seen and treated as an older girl and yet sometimes still just needing to throw a tantrum because you can’t have your own way.

The gap between you and Eli is widening somewhat; he is still very much stuck in the younger phase of childhood and you are increasingly becoming interested in things which just don’t even register on his radar.  To be honest, me and your Daddy can’t quite keep up either.  We often sit and discuss whether you are too young for such and such a thing before realising that you are growing up right before our very eyes. 

You are still as affectionate as ever, wanting nothing more than to snuggle up with your thumb in your mouth and your blanket tucked between us but I have noticed that these moments come more fleetingly now; often you stay for a minute and then you push up and away as you go off to create a new fashion outfit or write a story in your diary.  I’m not allowed to give you a kiss goodbye on the playground now either, this has to be done at the school gate before you can be seen by any of your friends.

You are so gifted and talented Meg; we call your our little star because there isn’t much you aren’t good at.  You’ve moved up a grade in Gymnastics and Swimming and we are constantly hearing your praises sung by your coaches and your teachers.  A piece of your creative writing was sent for moderation recently and we heard that you have a real way with words for one so young.  I think that has much to do with the fact that you are constantly squirreled away in your room writing in your notebooks or reading; you have such a thirst for knowledge and can never get enough.  

Recent interests include the usual princesses and fairies interspersed with Monster High and Pokemon.  You’ve also just started reading the Horrible Histories books which you adore and you often come to find us with a big grin on your face to relay some interesting fact you’ve discovered.  We had a girly day, just me and you recently and it was so lovely to spend one on one time with you; if anything your little quirks become more pronounced; we can’t go shopping without a carefully constructed list and you will just stop in the middle of the street to cross something off so that you know where you’re up to.  I think you are going to be much more organised than the rest of us put together!  You are still really creative and love drawing and painting and sticking and writing…pretty much anything goes.

One of the things which we love is that you have such a big heart for people in need; you constantly talk about saving money and giving it to charity and asking how we can help those who don’t have as much as we have.  That isn’t to say you aren’t still a big fan of spending your own money on yourself though; you are still very much a magpie and the shinier and sparklier the item, the better!

You are having a sleepover for your birthday party this weekend and I hope it goes well.  You’ve had this idea in your head for months and months now and you have been so excited to have your friends to stay.  I think it’s the first time we’ve ever seen your room so tidy!!

Have a wonderful birthday beauty.

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