My Summer Fashion Essentials

Jess McGlynnMay 16, 2016


It’s no secret that I am a lover of comfortable and simple clothing.  I used to blame it on the fact that I was Mummy to two rambunctious children but given that they are now 5 and 7 and very capable of getting themselves ready in the morning, leaving me with a large chunk of time to myself…I’m having to learn that it just isn’t true.  I just prefer easy, understated and simple clothing.

This is something which happens to work quite well in the summer months.  Who wants to be faffing around with layers of unnecessary clothing when the sun is beating down?!

Over the years I’ve managed to perfect what I like to think of as my staple summer wardrobe.  These are just basic items which I can wear when I’m just pottering around the house, sitting out in the garden or standing in the playground on the school run.  The items do vary from year to year depending on what’s in fashion so here’s what my summer fashion essentials will be this year:-

There is obviously a huge variety of choice when it comes to the type of shorts you might want to have in your summer wardrobe; at the moment I am loving and living in these knee shorts; they are great for wearing when the weather is a little cooler (on cloudier days) and for doing the school run.  Being basic denim, they go with pretty much anything too.  I’m definitely going to have to invest in another pair because I have been wearing these almost every day since the weather turned nice.

Lightweight Dress
On a super hot day you just need something lightweight and breezy to wear and I think a go-to item should be a lightweight dress.  Something you can throw a cardigan over if the sun disappears behind a cloud but which will ultimately keep you cool.  

A wide-brimmed sunhat
I have the completely wrong skin type for sitting out for prolonged periods in the sun, as much as I might love it.  A couple of years ago I invested in a lovely wide-brimmed sunhat and it has been a real saviour.  It keeps the sun off my face and shoulders; which stops my shoulders from burning and my face from freckling up and it also keeps me pretty cool.  

Lightweight jacket
Let’s be honest…if you live in the UK then you are going to need to take a raincoat out with you when you go anywhere or face the inevitable; that the heavens will open and you’ll end up soaked to the skin.  A lightweight raincoat which will fold up nice and compactly for transport but which will keep you dry is a real must for any British summer.

Good quality sandals/flip-flops
Whilst it is possible to purchase cheap footwear, I have learned from experience that buying a decent, good quality pair of sandals or flip-flops to see you through the summer is a wise decision.  We all have those ‘go-to’ shoes which we grab because we know they go with anything so it’s worth making sure you splash a bit more cash and find yourself a comfortable pair which can be worn for casual or smart occasions.  I can’t stand wearing fitted shoes during the warmer season so for me it’s a good pair of sandals all the way.

Good quality sunglasses

Love them or loath them sunglasses are useful in the summer months. Whether you are driving to the school or relaxing in the garden with a book, a shady pair of glasses are exactly what you need. The good news is buying a pair of good quality sunglasses, like Oakley eyeglasses, for instance, means you don’t have to think about replacing them year on year. You can also rest assured that they are UV protected. 

Tops; t-shirts, shirts or vest tops?
I tend to invest in a couple from each of these categories; vest tops for when it’s really warm, shirts to be worn in the evening when I want to dress it up a little and t-shirts for when I’ve overdone it and need to keep my shoulders and chest out of the sun for a bit!  I generally choose neutral colours; a stripe tee or a bright coloured block tee which can be worn with most things.  Blue is my favourite summer colour so I’ll definitely be seen wearing a lot of that this year.

Other items I’ll be wearing…
I recently purchased the most comfortable pair of dungarees; they are lightweight denim and so unbelievably comfortable.  I’ve found they are a bit of a ‘love-hate’ item, especially in our house but they are perfect for mooching around the house in or when we’re heading out somewhere casual such as the local pub.  I’m really feeling the whole playsuit/jumpsuit movement at the moment and Dorothy Perkins have some good items in their sale if you are looking to get in on the action! 

Do let me know what you’ll be wearing this summer!

Items and post sourced via lovethesales

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