Our Month of May…

Jess McGlynnJune 1, 2016

The month of May for us is always a whirlwind.  It’s a mass of present buying and party planning, cake making and decorating and definitely late nights collapsed on the sofa enjoying a glass of wine after a day spent on our feet entertaining small people.  It was also the month this year when we were initiated into the sleepover which didn’t go quite as well as we had hoped but we live and learn as parents don’t we?

I was quite pleased to note that this year however, we didn’t stumble over the finish line but rather finished quite triumphantly (if you ignore the sinus infection I’ve had for the better part of three weeks of course…); usually my birthday is a muted affair being the last in a quick succession but James outdid himself, sneaking the day off work and taking me on a segway adventure before being treated to a delightful dinner and shopping for books in one of my favourite stores.

We’ve been loving the beautiful weather recently too.  It was quite unexpected but it has been glorious.  Don’t get me wrong, we have had days when it has poured down and we’ve all been sat inside looking pretty miserable but we’ve also had blissful stretches of gorgeous sunny days too where we’ve bundled everyone into the car and headed to the beach for the day.  The kids are both sporting tan lines (tut-tut) and I’ve even gained a little bit of colour.  I just hope that the weather hangs around for the rest of Summer now.

Generally speaking we seem to be on top of things; we have periods of time (like I hope everyone does?!) where the house seems to be in a perpetual state of chaos and no matter how many times I do a washing run the basket is always overflowing, homework is turned in late and some weeks we barely feel like our feet touch the ground.  I am feeling rather smug as I say my washing is done…perhaps something to do with it being warmer outside, the house is pretty squeaky clean and, dare I say it, even though this week we are in the first stretch of a two week school holiday, Meg and Eli actually tidied up after themselves.


We’ve had great times with friends, either having people over for dinner or heading out, something we also don’t get to do as much as we would like.  I definitely feel like we’ve turned a corner and I honestly believe that it has plenty to do with the fact that we are edging ever closer to Summer.  You just don’t feel like doing much when it’s grey and miserable outside do you?  A bit of golden sunshine and suddenly the world feels like your oyster.  Or is that just me?

Last but not least, my beautiful baby sister came to stay and we had a lovely family orientated bank holiday weekend, just chilling out and heading down to the beach and playing silly games late into the evening which had us crying with laughter.  Or that might have been the snapchat filters…

Now I’m looking forward to lazy mornings as we head into June, to brighter starts and staying in our pyjamas for 2 whole weeks; with a few adventures thrown in for good measure of course!

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