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Jess McGlynnJune 4, 2016

I mentioned in a recent post that my  fashion style is laid back and low-key, especially when it comes to summer styling and I don’t think any outfit can quite compare in this regard to the summer dress.

The right summer dress can keep you looking effortlessly stylish, can allow you to stay cool and can be worn even when you’ve got to factor in the possibility of chasing a small person round the park.  But like any item of clothing, you will find a number of different styles to choose from and it can be tricky to know which styles will be flattering, which will actually work and which are best saved for a cooler day.  

When JD Williams asked me to create a summer styling post I knew just what I wanted to write about; my fashion rules…which summer dresses I recommend to help you stay stylish:-

The Maxi Dress
This dress is right up at the top when it comes to fashionable summer dresses.  Believe it or not, the flowing fabric will keep you way cooler than wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top and they come in all kinds of colours and patterns and even different styles so you are sure to find something which suits your own personal taste.  I love this tribal print lace-up back dress.  The vibrant colours would work equally well for a day at the playground if paired with some nude or tan sandals or for an evening out if you popped on a pair of strappy heels.

The Shirt Dress
The Shirt Dress is a bit of a hit and miss style for me; I adore the look of them but I think that they can sometimes appear on the short side which might not always be ideal depending on how you are going to spend the day.  Personally I would choose to wear one on holiday, to throw on over my bikini or swimming costume if I was heading up to the bar etc.  They are probably less suitable if you’ve got to constantly be crouching down or picking small people up (something us mamas do on a regular basis!)  You’d probably want to throw a belt on to give the dress some shape but nothing too tight otherwise you’ll no doubt find it constricting in the heat.

The Linen Dress
It’s important to think about the materials you choose to wear on a hot day; linen and cotton are much more breathable than polyester so you are likely to feel much cooler if you choose a linen dress over a synthetic one.  I know linen is a tricky choice; it can keep you cool and dries quickly (making it a good option for the beach) but it does wrinkle too so if you know you’ve got to sit for long periods of time then you might want to opt for cotton instead.  This white/cobalt print linen dress is super cute and I can imagine wearing it for a family day out although there are many other great holiday dresses on the JD Williams website too if this particular pattern isn’t to your taste.

The Tank Dress
Tank Dresses are super casual and super flattering and come in all kinds of patterns and colours.  They aren’t really dressy so you couldn’t combine them into a beach to evening outfit but they are ideal if you are having a lazy day, perhaps mooching around the shops or heading out for a picnic.  I like to have a couple in my wardrobe for those days when I know I don’t need to look particularly ‘dressed up’ or when I’m just going to be pottering about the house and garden.

So there you go, my top four dress styles which I think are perfect for the summer.  Do let me know what you think of my choices!

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