Waterfall Chocolate Cake ǀ Baking With Meg & Eli

Jess McGlynnJune 13, 2016

It is probably a complete inevitability that being a blogger and a vlogger and including the children in almost everything I do has resulted in them having more than a small interest in the online world.

I  know that plenty of kids are fascinated by unboxing videos on YouTube and the like but it’s not something which Meg and Eli have ever really enjoyed…oh no, they are far too vain for that kind of thing.  They would much rather watch themselves perform than anyone else and I have been subjected to encouraged to watch countless plays and shows, and record them, so that they can be watched back by Meg and Eli afterwards.

The next step, naturally, therefore was for them to record something which would actually go live on my YouTube channel and they thought long and hard about what they wanted to do before settling on a baking show.  They pored over the cookbooks in the house and decided that a Chocolate Waterfall Cake seemed like the best choice.

I have to say, despite that little mocking above ^^ I am actually really proud of them.  They worked so hard on this video, Meg helped with the editing at the end and they were really pleased with their final creation.  By which I mean both the cake and the video of course!

I am torn between whether my favourite part is the bit where Eli implodes the egg or the outtakes at the end!

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