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Jess McGlynnJune 14, 2016

We are all about travelling in this family and the excitement as we build up towards a holiday is always something special; there’s the planning of day trips and organising of holiday clothes, the exchanging of currency and ensuring that we’ve arranged a holiday home for the dog…and so much more.  All of it combines to a really tangible feeling…that we are going on holiday!

It’s a feeling which never gets old for me and yet, in a recent YouGov survey it was found that only 31% of people get excited when they start packing for their holiday.  Perhaps more shocking is the fact that 1 in 3 women worry about their weight every day that they are on holiday too.  Something I just cannot get my head around!  A holiday should be about unwinding and relaxing, and making new discoveries.  Not feeling body-conscious.  Right?!

It would seem that Click Pharmacy agree and they have started a campaign to alter our thinking when it comes to getting ready for holidays; to move the conversation away from body image pressures and instead to focus on getting excited about the trip ahead and in line with this they asked me to share how I get excited for our upcoming holiday adventures and get my #HolidayHype on:-

Get the Weather App
We have a little thing that we do here…as soon as a holiday is booked we add the location to the weather app on our phones and pretty much consistently check the weather.  There’s the inevitable moment of joy when you look out of the window at home and see grey clouds and rain and then check your phone and see sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine.  If you’ve not done it before then you should definitely try it!

Planning our time
Nothing gets me quite so excited as scouring the internet and magazines for things to do whilst we are away.  I am a list-maker by nature so I love creating lists featuring possible day trips and activities that we can take part in whilst on holiday and then discussing them with everyone else, usually around the dinner table at the end of the day.  It’s a really good tool for imagining yourself on holiday; whether in the UK or abroad, to think about the things you are going to get to see and do and how you are going to spend your time when you don’t have to work or do the school-run and so on.  This might actually be my all time top #HolidayHype tip; start looking at images and planning out your time and you will soon be buzzing about your trip.

Pamper time!
I always get my hair and nails done before we travel anywhere.  Granted, if we are going somewhere hot I can’t guarantee that my hair will stay looking quite so sleek but it makes me feel pretty glam and holiday-ready.  Even just taking some time to paint my nails myself can make the difference between feeling blasé about the whole thing to feeling excited.

Begin packing!
There are two different kinds of approaches to holiday packing; the well in advance and the last minute.  I am a well in advance kind of girl and I love getting our cases down a good few weeks before we are due to go and gradually adding the required items in.  Toiletries we will only use on holiday, new purchases, books I’ve been saving for this time of year…it’s a great feeling when you walk into your room and see your suitcase slowly filling up and think, we are nearly there!

So there you go, these are the 4 ways that I get my #HolidayHype on and start to get excited about when we travel.  I’d love to know what yours are too and you can use the hashtag across all social media platforms to see how other people gets theirs too!

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  • Anne

    June 20, 2016 at 08:23

    I really enjoy planning our holidays, even the packing. I do all of these things and then I can't wait to go and chill out for a while (If my timetable allows, lol)

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