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Jess McGlynnJune 30, 2016

I always look forward to June as the month when we can take a breath; birthday season is officially over and we’ve got just under 7 weeks of the school term left before the summer holidays hit and I’ve got to try and juggle freelance working with entertaining Meg and Eli in weather which, inevitably, refuses to comply.

For some reason it hasn’t felt all that chilled out this month.  Our weekends have been stuffed full with busyness although I don’t know that I could really tell you what we have done.  James has been working a lot this month so my smug face from last month when my house sparkled and the washing basket lay empty has well and truly been wiped away.

We spent a wonderful two days at the end of half term down in Windsor at Legoland.  This was something that Meg and Eli had wanted to do for the longest time so we decided to take advantage of differing school holidays to visit; the park was very quiet on the Friday and rammed on the Saturday so I think we made the right decision.

We also celebrated enjoyed Father’s Day celebrations, a local heritage day, the school summer fair, sports day and Meg’s assembly…just reading that list back makes me feel worn out.

Oh and plenty of cheeky after-school ice creams as well.

My freelance work got turned up a major notch this month and whilst I am so lucky to be able to work from home I have definitely been floundering a little trying to do everything I usually do and handle triple the workload.  If I wasn’t looking forward to the summer break before, I definitely am now.  Even just having no uniform to wash will be a big win.

I feel as though I am moaning about the month of June more than celebrating it and whilst it’s true that we’ve been busier than I would have liked, and the glorious weather seems to have disappeared, it’s still been a pretty wonderful month.

Those snatched moments of family time that we have squeezed in, in between all the hectic moments have felt all the more sweeter.  Getting to spend two whole days with James, away from the stresses of work were amazing and the knowledge that we now only have 3 weeks left at school is even nicer.  I can’t wait until there are no more school runs, no more homework and no more uniform to wash.

For 6 weeks at least!

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