A Study Redesign… ǀ Books & Interiors

Jess McGlynnJuly 6, 2016

This is a post which I have been wanting to write for the longest time and it’s still only really part one!  As many of you will know I work from home and so our box room is my study/home office.  I have gradually been bringing in little extras to the room to make it more ‘me’ but I was constantly having to battle the fact that I just didn’t have enough storage space.

The thing about a spare room, even one which is used pretty much daily, is that it quickly becomes ‘the’ place to put stuff which doesn’t have a home and my study very much fit the bill for this.  Files overflowing with music, board games, books without a home, the laundry maidens…pretty much everything and anything found its way into the room.  For me this was a huge problem as I can’t work in chaos.  I need organisation, structure and space in order to function effectively.

Of course one of the major problems was my books.  I have made it no secret that I am trying to build my own personal library and I very rarely give away a book that I have read.  That coupled with my recent book-buying-binge and I was facing a real problem.  There was just no storage!

So I was amazingly pleased when my father in law came to my rescue and built me some customised bookshelves for my birthday.  We had a few hiccups along the way; there was a problem with the brackets and we had to think outside the box, but between my FIL and James they managed to create some pretty fantastic bookcases for me.

The shelves are narrower than my previous bookcases and it’s also a lighter wood which gives the illusion of more space in the room.  They are also taller so I have more space to put my books.  In fact, I currently have six empty shelves just crying out to be filled with more books!

The rest of my study is still very much the same; for the moment.  

I am hoping to get some artwork to fill the wall to the right of my desk which is achingly bare and I do possibly need to look at some more storage for my stationary; the bottom of one of my desk drawers fell out recently because there were so many notebooks stashed inside.

But bit by bit I am seeing the redesign come to life and I am loving it.  It makes such a difference having a dedicated working space and I know how lucky I am to be able to give an entire room over to that.  I remember well when I first started out and I was working anywhere I could find a surface…it’s not fun!

So there you go, a quick tour of my current study complete with brand new bookcases.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share the full redesign soon.

And because it’s Wednesday which is book news day, here’s what I’m currently reading:-

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