Finding Fairies… ǀ Days Out

Jess McGlynnJuly 14, 2016

One of the things I love about where we live is the fact that we have so many great outdoor spaces at our disposal.  There is the beach just a short drive away, the estuary, plenty of countryside and woodland to explore as well.  And there are so many places that we haven’t even discovered yet!

One of these places was a Fairy Glen which we have driven past a number of times but have never managed to get round to visiting so when we were at a loose end on Sunday afternoon we decided to finally give it a go.

What a wonderful place to have discovered!

There was a lovely little stream which followed alongside the path and was the perfect place for the kids to wade; if the weather had been a bit nicer it’s definitely the kind of place you could brave bare toes but unfortunately it was just a bit too muddy; it didn’t stop Eli splashing and wading in his wellies and he ended up very wet by the end of our walk.

We came across a waterfall and decided to divert from the main path a little bit; this led to lots of exciting ‘exploration’ where the kids ran ahead and tried to find our way back and guessed which way we needed to go.

I think we probably actually got a little bit lost as there were some definite hairy moments but this just added to the sense of adventure for Meg and Eli.

Pepper was also in her element although she ended up so muddy that she had to be forced into the water before we left.  As strange as it seems, she is a dog who does not enjoy water so this would a feat in and of itself!

One of the things I particularly enjoyed was our ongoing discussion about where the fairies might be…it was a fairy glen after all!  We came across this huge rock face which had water dripping down from somewhere…cue lots of discussion about this being the place where fairies come to drink; I love the imagination of children.

James also had a pretty good time, taking the kids out into the water and showing them points of interest in the surrounding environment.  I think it might be safe to say that he had as much fun as they did at some points.

This has to be one of our favourite finds in the local area and we will definitely be returning to see what else we can find in the near future.

Perhaps we’ll bring some spare clothes next time though for this little boy who is very drawn to mud, grime and getting wet!

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