Going Down Under with Smiggle ǀ #GDAYUK

Jess McGlynnJuly 18, 2016

Recently we received an invitation to attend the release of the latest range of stationery products from Smiggle at their Manchester Arndale store.  Smiggle (where smile meets a giggle) are a brand which first began in 2003 and has quickly taken the world of stationery by storm.

We have come across their vibrant and innovative products before and I knew that Meg would absolutely adore the new range.  I wasn’t wrong!

On arrival, the staff were positively brimming with excitement and encouraged Meg to interact with everything.  Scented erasers, fluffy pencil cases and pretty much everything in between; the store is an assault on the senses, but in a good way!  Meg dove straight in, commenting on the new products before heading to the back and the row of pink; her eyes twinkling.

The new product range is inspired by all things Australian and predominantly features two new Aussie pals; a squirrel and a koala.  The range features items such as pencil cases, wrist slapbands, keyrings and notebooks.  The Aussie scented erasers have gone down a real treat here, the kids both love the fact that baby Joeys can be removed from the tummies of the kangaroos to form their own tiny erasers; a sweet and clever touch!

Although Meg was definitely drawn in by the pink items, there was plenty for boys too.  We got to see the unveiling of a brand new product range which is being launched the summer as well; the camo range is aimed at both lovers of pink and blue and is another fab stationery range.

We had a really enjoyable morning exploring the products on sale at Smiggle; meeting lovely blogger friends, trying some sweet treats and getting involved with the activities in store as well.

Thank you to Smiggle for hosting such a fab event and for inviting us along.  I can see we will be returning before the start of the new school term to stock up on exciting stationery!

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