A Week in North Wales…Part Two

Jess McGlynnSeptember 20, 2016

I’m ashamed to say that it has taken me well over a month to get the second part of this post written and shared.  The last half of the summer and even the past couple of weeks have just been so hectic that the blog has, unfortunately, taken a back seat.  But I am back on it now and ready to share what we got up to when we spent a week in North Wales.  You can see part one of our adventures here.

Before we returned home we had a few more adventures up our sleeves.  We decided to return to the Coed y Brenin forest and attempt one of the longer trails which would take us past two waterfalls.  Unfortunately we picked possibly the worst day for this weather wise as we got absolutely soaked through.  It chucked it down pretty much the whole time we were walking, and we walked for about 4 hours so it wasn’t an insignificant amount of time!

The views were stunning though and we really enjoyed the walk; although we were all glad to return to the cottage and warm up in front of the log burner; especially the dog who can’t stand being wet!

We also did a day trip to Pili Palas (Butterfly Palace) which was lovely and which I will share in a full and separate blog post (honest!) at some point in the next few weeks.  This was a day trip purely for the kids and the loved getting up close to the butterflies as well as some other mini beasts and creepy crawlies.

After Pili Palas we went on to visit Beaumaris which isn’t too far away.  Beaumaris is a town near Anglesey and was about an hour’s drive from where we were staying.  Although it was dry on this day it will still quite overcast but we enjoyed wandering around the town, eating ice cream, admiring the castle and the water and generally taking in the atmosphere.  Had the day been nicer we might have booked tickets for a trip to see the Puffins but none of us felt particularly up to that so we will definitely have to return in the future.

Our last day was spent in Betws-y-Coed, which is the closest village to the cottage and is an incredibly popular place; each time we’ve been it has been so difficult to find somewhere to park and is always bustling with tourists.  We enjoyed having a walk around, eating more ice cream and taking a little walk along the river.  We left the dog at the cottage as she hadn’t quite recovered from her forest adventures and it was probably a good thing as the weather didn’t hold!

And finally we rounded off our trip with a little geocaching in the nearby slate mine.

The day that we left for home, the weather actually turned out brilliantly so it is fair to say that it definitely wasn’t working in our favour.  Good job we’ve already booked a week in the sun in Spain for the next school holiday!!

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