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Jess McGlynnSeptember 29, 2016

As I stare out of the window at the grey morning and the rain hitting the pane, I think it’s finally time that I admitted to myself that summer is truly over.  And I pull myself together and share with you some of the fun that we got up to.

I have approached the summer holidays in a variety of ways since Meg started at school but this year I determined to adopt a more relaxed approach.  Rather than making spreadsheets and downloading mountains of information about days out and investing more money than necessary on craft materials which never got used…I opted to write a basic bucket list of things we’d quite like to do and then just see how it all went.

The activities on the list varied from things which were easy and free such as water play in the garden to things which were costly and more complicated to organise such as an overnight stay in a hotel.  The important thing was that there was no pressure to complete all 100 but I think we did pretty well over the six weeks, managing 77 in total.

(This layout idea was totally nicked from Hayley at Hayley From Home who recently started bullet journalling and has a very enviable style!)

Some of our highlights included:-

Sailing a boat (kind of…!)

Catching fairies…

Making smores and having a BBQ…

Orienteering… (not so successfully!)

Trying the skittles experiment…

Visiting the beach…

Lots and lots and lots of water play…

…and pond dipping.

Although this is just a tiny snapshot and the list and photos could have gone on for a whole lot longer!

I think that the idea of just seeing how the day felt before we decided what we were going to do worked really well.  Meg and Eli are reaching the age when they don’t need me to constantly be hovering over them making sure they have got something to do and the overall vibe was quite relaxed.  Sure, we had days when it all just seemed to go belly-up and the kids couldn’t stop squabbling but as a summer of adventures went?  I think we did a pretty good job.

Just in time to start on our autumn bucket list!

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