Ravensburger Unicorn 3D Puzzle Range ǀ Review

Jess McGlynnOctober 18, 2016

Whenever someone says the word ‘puzzle’ to me, I can’t help but think back to a post I wrote in 2014 about the frustration of sitting and trying to do a puzzle with Meg.  It just wasn’t in her range of skills at that time and it has certainly coloured my opinion of how much ‘fun’ attempting a puzzle would be with her.  However…following a recent parcel delivery in which we received three products from the Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Range, I’m going to have to adjust that view!

The three products were from the Unicorn range and Meg was over the moon when she opened the parcel and saw what was inside.  There are a number of different products and design but for the purpose of this review we were provided with a vase, a vanity box and a jewellery tree.  The products are aimed at children aged 8+.

I was pleased to see, on opening the boxes, that each product came with clear instructions and all the required pieces were obvious to spot.  The concept of a 3D puzzle sounds complex but actually with clearly marked items and puzzle pieces we soon found that it was simple enough to do.

I think the most time consuming part was sorting through the numbered puzzle pieces and trying to form some kind of system for putting them in order.

Once we had the puzzle pieces sorted, Meg had no difficulty at all in building the three items.  She is just outside of the recommended age group but she really found it quite straightforward.  I sat with her in case she needed assistance but it proved to be quite unnecessary.

Of course the best thing about these puzzles was the finished product.  The fact that the vase can really hold water and therefore really hold flowers was something she didn’t stop talking about for days and the other two items also have a practical purpose which gives them that little something extra.

The three items we were sent are all priced between £10-15 which I think is reasonable for the length of time it took, the enjoyment factor and the fact that they can all be used afterwards.  I think if they were going to be permanently used I would consider gluing the pieces into place as they are quite small and I feel as though they would easily get lost if one or two were to come loose.

I’d recommend these for anyone with children in the 8+ years bracket and think they would also make great gift ideas.

We were provided with these puzzles FOC.  However all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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