STEM Day with Project MC2 ǀ Review

Jess McGlynnNovember 8, 2016

So today marks national STEM/STEAM Day with Project MC2; a day designed to inspire children to explore and pursue potential interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.  

Even in this modern age, not enough girls are taking up careers in these fields and that is something which the Project MC2 brand seeks to change.  MGA Entertainment came up with Project MC2 which features four super smart girls who are all part of a secret spy organisation know as NOV8 (or innovate if you are an oldie like me!).  They want to inspire young girls to develop their interest in these areas and to close the gender gap in STEM/STEAM related careers.

We are quite lucky in that James works in engineering and knows firsthand that there just aren’t enough women in the field (I think he has come across one female engineer in the last 10 years!) and we encourage both Meg and Eli to explore the things that they are interested in, whatever that might happen to be.  Meg has wanted to be a marine biologist for a few years now which obviously has a strong element of science in it so it was lovely to be able to share a product with her which encouraged the exploration of something science-based.

In order to celebrate STEM Day we were sent a Project MC2 Spy Bag for Meg to have a look at and oh did she get into character.  She absolutely loved the idea of having a bag which looked like a ‘normal’ bag but which was actually full of super secret spy equipment.

We all had to take it in turns to have our fingerprints tested on various appliances, to be passed secret messages and to pretend we didn’t see Meg as she strutted by with her bag slung over her shoulder.

She spent the last few days scouring the house for all kinds of liquids she can test in her bottles before displaying the results for us and I honestly think that the bag has been the thing she has reached for the most since we received it.  It’s so encouraging to hear her asking questions about what each item could be used for in the ‘real world’ and to discuss the concept of forensic sciences and experiments with her.

She hasn’t stopped talking about the bag since we opened it for her and has even come home from school talking about organising her own spy party so that all her friends can join in as well and she is really keen to watch the Netflix series which has inspired these products.

Parents view:-
The bag itself is well made and I like that there are so many different elements to it, not just one or two items rattling around in a larger bag.  It’s attractively presented and encourages questions and exploration into an area which isn’t usually represented in the ‘girls’ toy section (although I dislike that there have to be separate toy sections in the first place!) Each item is easy to use but a lot of fun and I can easily see it being used for many months to come without being outgrown.

I think that the Spy Bag would make an excellent present for any girl aged 6+ years.  You can discover more about the bags contents in the video above.  You can purchase the bag from most major toy retailers.

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