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Jess McGlynnNovember 19, 2016

I was recently invited to review a website which features Education quizzes, designed to help children from Key Stage One right up the GCSE level.  The quizzes which are featured on the site have all been developed by teachers and the idea is that the extra learning is seen as ‘fun’ by the children and not as extra work.

Both Meg and Eli get on okay at school and each have areas where they excel, and some areas where they struggle, so I was interested to see how they would fare with the quizzes on the site, and whether they would be interested in completing them (Eli especially!)

The site covers a range of topics from English to Computing Studies, Art & Design to History and each test has about 10 questions with a small explanation at the start covering exactly what the test will focus on.

Meg took to the tests like a duck to water but she loves playing schools at home so I had no doubt that she would.  It was Eli who would be the real test!

He was hesitant at first; other than the fact that he got to sit at my computer which was a huge bonus, he didn’t like the idea of doing ‘work’ but he soon got into the swing of it and was clicking his way through a number of tests.

I like that you can print the tests out, so you don’t need to be sat at the computer the whole time, and you can repeat the tests as well so that you can revisit any errors which have been made.  For a parent wanting to use the Education Quizzes site it would cost £9.95 per month for a subscription.  However, Education Quizzes are aware that not every parent can afford this monthly cost and so they have recently introduced a school subscription package; the school pay on behalf of the students and receive the package at a significantly reduced rate, as little as £2 per student in some cases.

I think this is certainly a service which would be valuable for children who perhaps need a little extra support at home, in a way which isn’t necessarily seen as ‘extra’ work for them.  What child doesn’t like sitting at the computer and playing?  I would be interested to see whether they would add any additional services in future, perhaps to create some more animated quizzes for the younger age group perhaps.  

I like that they offer a range of topics, not just the standard Maths, English and Science and that they cover a wide range of ages too so that if you have a child in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, then you get access to all the relevant materials for the two different stages.

They also have a rather interesting nature blog page which is regularly updated with topics such as the recent Supermoon, animals and the world of nature around us.

I also completely agree with the sentiment that almost £10 a month could be seen as a lot for parents, especially if you are only doing a couple of quizzes a month and I like the idea of promoting this service in schools instead.  It certainly seems like a worthwhile addition and I’m sure I will be bringing it up as part of our next school PTA suggestions meeting.

This post was written in collaboration with Education Quizzes.

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