Find A Present UK ǀ Review

Jess McGlynnNovember 19, 2016

I was recently contacted by the lovely folk over at Find A Present to see whether I would be interested in helping them promote their UK website, which they have only just launched.  Based out in the Netherlands, they wanted help sharing the word about their site which offers over 74,000 different gift ideas.

I absolutely adore presents whether it is giving or receiving them so the idea of having a website which pulled suggestions from all over the world of the internet and offered them up in one place sounded very appealing.

The products are selected from over 100 UK shops and there is a unique present finder which allows you to filter suggestions from price range to gender to the occasion you are buying for.  As the kids get older I have found it increasingly difficult to surprise them on birthdays and Christmas; last year I bought a lot of their stocking fillers from a main supermarket, prompting Meg to announce on her return to school that she knew Santa’s secret…he did all of his shopping at Tesco!

Obviously that doesn’t really add any magic into Christmas and so having a present finder which would assist me in hunting down cute, quirky and interesting stocking fillers for them both has proven really useful.

Once you have your filtered list of suggestions, if you hover over the item it tells you who the seller is or how many potential sellers there are.  You can obviously click on each item for more information and to go through to the correct site in order to make a purchase.  It also gives you suggestions for other items you might like which can be incredibly helpful when trying to buy for one person.

Really it’s hard to say much more than this.  Find A Present UK is extremely straightforward to use, I thought there was a good selection of item offered once I used the present finder, I liked that they had dedicated tabs for Birthdays and Christmas and I definitely think it is a site I will make use of in future if I am struggling to find inspiration for a gift.

I received vouchers in exchange for testing out Find A Present UK.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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