A Family Holiday to Malaga, Spain ǀ with Clickstay {Part Two}

Jess McGlynnNovember 22, 2016

If you want to read part one of this trip then you can find the post here.  It covers the villa we stayed in through Clickstay and our first day trip out to the nearby Mijas Pueblo.  

We went back to Mijas Pueblo a couple of days later; Meg and Eli had euros burning a hole in their pockets and they wanted to buy a couple of souvenirs to take home.  I don’t know whether it was the slightly cloudier weather, or the lack of coaches from the cruises which dock in Malaga, but it was a lot quieter the second time around and we managed to wander around the town square and enjoy some crepes with only minimum disruption.

If you just want a quick day trip out then I would definitely recommend Mijas; the prices were a little higher than in Malaga but there’s plenty to see and lots of little shops and cafes to enjoy and the views are pretty spectacular too.

The main purpose of this holiday was to relax and we did that by the bucket load.  The great thing about having our own pool was that the kids could spend hours swimming and we could just relax poolside without having to worry about them bouncing with energy by the evening.

It was amazing watching how far their confidence in the water came as well; they both go to swimming lessons back home but there was just something about spending all day in the pool which really pushed them forward.  We had them diving in from the side trying to find coins at the bottom of the pool by the end of the ten days, something we would never have persuaded them to do at home.

We don’t really celebrate Halloween at home but the kids were aware that it was happening and that they would be missing their school’s end of term disco so we decided to surprise them with a little treasure hunt around the villa.  Halloween is done well in Spain and when we popped down to the supermarket to pick up some supplies they had really gone all out with staff dressed up and all kinds of spooky treats available.

One of my favourite day trips we took was when we headed into Malaga itself.  I wanted to explore the Old Town; the architecture here is very much influenced by the city’s past with Roman ruins, a 10th century Moorish castle and a Baroque basilica.  I particualrly wanted to visit the Alcazaba (palace) and the Castillo de Gibralfaro.

The architecture here is absolutely stunning; I love everything about it from the Moorish rooftops to the sandy coloured stone.  I could happily have wandered the streets of the Old Town for hours but the kids can only take so much sightseeing.

We also headed up into the newer part of the city and looked around some of the shops; naturally I managed to find a bookshop to peek into and Eli managed to find the only toy shop in the whole place!  We found a lovely little Italian restaurant tucked away in a square to the right of the Cathedral which was also nice.  It would have been so easy to miss as we were heading away from the Old Town towards the shopping district but it worked out well.

And then really we were just very boring, and spent our final days in the villa soaking up as much of the sun as we could get.  There was a definite change in the weather about halfway through our trip with the clouds hanging around just that little bit longer in the mornings and only a few hours in the afternoon when you would consider it sunbathing weather.

I would definitely take 10 days of ‘not quite so warm’ in Spain however to the icy blast which met us when we landed back in England!  I still don’t think we’ve quite adjusted.

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