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Jess McGlynnDecember 12, 2016

For the last few years, each December has seen the arrival of the Kindness Elves.  In our house these are Glaede, Fred and Elska and they are small elves who pop along each day to suggest some way that Meg and Eli can share a little love and kindness during the month of December.

This is our 4th year of doing the Kindness Elves and each year I am amazed at the way Meg and Eli so effortlessly get on with what they have been asked to do.  For us the Elves are about taking the focus away from what presents will be under the tree on Christmas Day and moving it towards thinking of others during this festive season.

I have been sharing a lot of what the Elves have been getting up to over in our Vlogmas videos if you want to take a look over there but I have to say, although sometimes it gets to 11pm and I realise I haven’t yet set anything up for the next day, and although it feels like sometimes it is a little bit of an extra effort, I really think it adds to the Christmas magic and I absolutely love seeing the kids’ faces in the morning when they come down and try to find where the Elves are hiding that day.

The Elves will stay with us until the 24th December when they will return to Santa and the North Pole and leave behind a little something for the kids (and I have a really amazing thing planned for this which I will share more about closer to the time)

Usually I try to give a weekly update on what the Elves have been getting up to, in case it inspires ideas in others as I know how tricky it can be to come up with things for the Elves to be doing but with Vlogmas and work this year I just don’t know how active I will be on the blog so I’ve decided to share my ideas for the month with you here; feel free to use them for yourselves!

Look out for a child who doesn’t have anyone to play with Ø Read a story to a younger child Ø Festive fun day (craft, tree decoration etc) Ø Give someone an extra big smile Ø Buy food for the food bank Ø Toy sort out: give away to charity Ø Gold coins as a well done for the effort made so far Ø Looking after belongings: tidy our rooms Ø Make Christmas cookies Ø Share Christmas cookies with friends Ø Make a bird feeder Ø Simple acts of kindness: hold a door and say thank you Ø Send some happy mail and write Christmas cards Ø Take donations to the local animal shelter Ø Super spy mission: do something kind for someone without them noticing Ø A treat for being so sweet: build a Gingerbread house Ø Carol singing Ø Picking up litter Ø Party time: take in treats for classmates  Ø Gifts for teachers Ø Making thank you cards Ø Calling a relative to wish them a Merry Christmas Ø Christmas Eve Box

What do you think of our ideas?  We have tried to create a good mix of doing things for other people (realistically), taking care of things within the home and little rewards for all the effort made as well.

I hope you can put some of them to good use!

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