Paris, Socks and New Rooms… #LittleLoves

Jess McGlynnFebruary 3, 2017

Hello February!!  3 days into the new month already and I am feeling the love.  Not to mention the fact that the kids have only got one more week at school and then it’s half term.  Hurray!

I have had such a chilled out week this week; after a manic end to January, I tied up all my freelance work on Monday and had the rest of the week to potter around and sort out bits and pieces and generally just relax.  This next week won’t be quite the same but at least I got to chill out over the last few days.

And now onto my Little Loves for the week:-


I finished Burial Rites this week and what a moving story.  It’s based on real events; the story of the last woman to be executed in Iceland and the author has created a fictional version of what could have happened and who the murderess might have been to elaborate on local Icelandic legends.  Although I knew that it was a) fictional and b) the story of a woman who was executed, I still couldn’t help feeling sympathetic for the protagonist, Agnes, and hoping that Hannah Kent would have taken some artistic licence and that the book wouldn’t end in the inevitable.

I’m also feeling pretty pleased that I managed to stick to my TBR for the month.  I’ve just my February TBR and hoping to do the same this month.


For the first time ever, I watched Top Gun this week and I was really feeling the 80’s vibe.  The outfits and the hair were just amazing!  James was horrified that I had never seen it so we decided to have a movie date night and although I thought it was good, I couldn’t quite get on board with Tom Cruise as the romantic lead, it’s just not how I see him at all.


After several trips to Ikea, a number of unexpected issues and far too many holes in the wall we managed to decorate Meg’s room over the weekend.  I am totally in love with the light grey colour she now has on the walls and I’m hoping to get a room tour up on the blog and on YouTube soon so do watch out for that.


I have really been enjoying joining in with the #SockSunday community over on Instagram; it has given me an excuse to pick up some really quirky socks, always a good thing.  This is my favourite pair this week, the best part being that they only cost me £1 in the New Look sale!


I have long been a fan of the Chainsmokers but their newest song ‘Paris’ is top of my playlist at the moment, the kids have even started singing it which is probably a sign I’ve had it on too many times!

And Lastly…

I don’t often share financial stuff on the blog but this week I wrote a post about how we’ve been using Swagbucks to help boost our income each month.  I know that for anyone working from home or anyone staying at home, little ways to increase your income are always welcome so if you are interested in what it is all about, do pop over and have a look at the post.

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