Little Live Pets Lil’ Hedgehog House ǀ Review

Jess McGlynnFebruary 18, 2017

A couple of years ago we were sent a Little Live Pets Talking Owl and Baby for review, March 2015 to be precise and to this day, it is still something which Meg enjoys playing with.  So when we were asked whether we would to review a new Little Live Pets toy, this time the Lil’ Hedgehog House I was absolutely certain it would go down a treat.

The Little Live Pets Hedgehog and House retails at £22.99 and comes with an exclusive hedgehog called ‘Shy Sky’ as well as a little house with a carry handle so you can take it out and about.

Shy Sky will roll into a ball if you touch their nose, will walk along the floor and around the house and will even back up if they get themselves stuck in a corner.  There is an elevator in the house which you can lift up and then watch as Shy Sky rolls down the slide and back into the house again.  The nose depresses so you can watch the hedgehog curl in on itself and then, if you wait a couple of seconds, they will unroll and continue to wander and explore.

Meg seemed absolutely thrilled by the hedgehog itself; she enjoyed watching them curl into a ball before popping back out again and watching as they trundled across the floor.  I would say that it is absolutely for ages 5+, the mechanism involved to make the hedgehog roll in and out is quite delicate and even Eli at 5 years old was a little rough with it and almost detached the pieces when he had a quick play with it.

The outer ‘shell’ is quite soft to the touch although the hedgehog themselves is a hard plastic and there is an off and off switch so you can make sure your hedgehog doesn’t escape when you are finished playing with them!

The house is a cute addition to the product; Meg did enjoy using the elevator and the slide but I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t more elements to the house itself, and that there was nowhere to store Shy Sky when in transit; the hedgehog just rolled around the house and easily fell out when on the move.  A bed or a little pocket inside the house would have been perfect for this.  There is also a little flap on the side of the house which was a sweet addition.

Of course, if your child is anything like Meg then they will almost certainly rise to the challenge of rooting out things from around the house to add into the Hedgehog house to create the ideal home.  Socks, scarves, bits of fabric and felt…nothing was off limits and so, in many ways, this was nice as it also stretched Meg’s imagination and got her talking and thinking about what a hedgehog might want or need in real life.

Overall we thought this was a sweet toy; it it possible to purchase the hedgehogs individually without the house and I can certainly see that being something Meg would enjoy; creating her own little hedgehog family and watching them play together would definitely enhance her enjoyment of the product in the future.  I would also be interested to see Little Live Pets will release any additional products, such as items to furnish the hedgehog house with.

We were sent this product for review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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