Tips to Love Your Car Again

Jess McGlynnMarch 23, 2017

With National Car Care Month just around the corner, this week I thought I would share with you some basic tips on how to love your car again.  We have been quite lucky in that over the last few years we’ve had a number of new cars through James’ work which we haven’t had to worry about maintaining but for the school run I drive a little Peugeot run-around which has had its fair share of visits to the garage.

Cars are something we rely on a lot and yet sometimes it can be all too easy to let small issues fall to the side, which can then become bigger issues until you are faced with a car that doesn’t run effectively or efficiently and maybe even one which is going to cost a lot to become roadworthy again (I’ve been there with smoke issuing from the bonnet as you drive down the motorway, it’s not fun.  Trust me.)

So if you need some inspiration on how to give your car a little love over the next month then read on:-

Clean it up
It is amazing how a simple clean can make your car feel shiny and new again.  For a real winner, you are better going to a car handwash rather than through a mechanical wash and often the handwash companies will also clean the inside of your car for a little extra.  We have a great local company and they always do a good job.  I’m not just talking about the quick, surface level clean but a real deep clean with the upholstery getting a good scrub and all those hard to reach places too.  You will be surprised at the difference it can make.

Get new tyres
If you are anything like me, it only ever occurs to me to think about changing my tyres when the MOT is looming but to make sure your car is running efficiently, you should regularly be checking your tyres, and getting them changed promptly when you need to.

Change the sound system
This is something which I have been considering for a while now; my car isn’t that old but the sound system is nowhere near on a par with new cars and this not only makes me feel like I’m driving an old banger but it also means I can’t listen to the type of music  I want to with ease.  It’s not a cheap thing to do but it’s also not a ridiculously expensive endeavour and I’m sure it will make my car feel like it has a new lease of life.

Sort the exhaust
You should have your exhaust checked at least once a year; it’s surprising how much effect an exhaust has on the smooth running of your car and you may find that it makes a huge difference to the way your car handles if you get exhaust repairs for your car; somewhere such as Dat Tyres is a good option.

Replace the rubber
One thing I have noticed which is a constant issue with used cars is the build up of grime in the rubber surrounding the doors and windows.  I think my last used car had a whole habitat going on in the green moss which somehow crept in.  It’s a bit of a brain ache to try and change the rubber but it’s fairly easy to learn how, and incredibly cheap to do so.  Not only that but replacing the rubber will ensure that your car is properly insulated and can minimise outside noise when you are driving too.  To get car rubber replacement done you can check Coh Baines.

So there you go, just some easy and fairly inexpensive tips on how to give your car a new lease of life.

Of course sometimes it is just time to call it a day with a car (been there a few times myself!) and when that happens I would definitely suggest shopping around for your options. Part-exchange, selling the car for parts or simply scrapping it for cash are all possibilities but which you decide on will depend entirely on the age, and condition of your vehicle. Only you can decide which is the right choice to make.

Do let me know if you have any other tips to add!

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