5 Reasons to Service Your Car Regularly

Jess McGlynnMarch 25, 2017

With winter officially finished and summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about giving your car a little love.  Spring is typically the time when people start to clear their homes out and get ready for the new season and we should take the time to do this for our cars as well.

Making sure that you get your car serviced regularly is a great to have peace of mind that everything in your car is working as it should and that your car is safe to drive.  Over time, general wear and tear issues can become larger problems if left unchecked, a regular service will highlight any potential issues and enable you to nip them in the bud.  Just because you don’t have warning lights flashing, don’t assume that everything is okay in your car…get it serviced to make 100% sure.

Save money
As I mentioned above, getting your car regularly serviced can bring to light potential problems which, if left unchecked could turn into bigger and more expensive issues.  Better to get something dealt with whilst it is only a minimal outlay than to have a seriously expensive matter on your hands.  Consider something as straightforward as getting your oil changed versus having engine problems because you’ve been driving without oil.  There are so many places which offer good value for money too these days, whether you need a new exhaust or a new car battery; for example, somewhere such as Ossett Tyres is a great option.  Your car battery is an essential part of your car; without it you won’t be able to start your car, let alone do anything else so ensuring you have a well running car battery is essential.

In addition to this, cars which are well looked after are often more efficient, meaning you will spend less on fuel outgoings month to month too.

Get the most out of your car
A car which is well looked after is a car which will last longer so a regular service can ensure that your car really does go the distance, so to speak.  It might seem like an effort to take it to be serviced, or to get issues sorted quickly but if you factor the cost of getting a new car then suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a big issue!

Retain its value
Although this might not necessarily be something you are considering right now, if the time comes for you to want to sell your car and get something newer then by getting your car regularly serviced you are going to have helped your car to retain some of its value, meaning you get more money for it when you sell it, and more to put towards new wheels.

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