Tulips, Beach Days & Long Weekends ǀ Little Loves

Jess McGlynnApril 14, 2017

Happy Good Friday!!  I am so looking forward to a long weekend with family, friends and lots of yummy treats.  If only the weather would stay nice then we will really be able to make the most of it.


I finished The Shadow of the Wind on Wednesday and really enjoyed it.  It’s about a young boy who comes across a book in a library known as the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.  He tries to find out more about the author who wrote the book, only to discover that someone has been going around destroying every copy of every book the author ever wrote.  It’s set in Spain just after the Civil War and is a kind of mystery/historical fiction novel.  It was beautifully written and although it’s a little slow in places I absolutely loved it.


I finally finished Season Two of the Gilmore Girls so I decided to have a break and watch Season 5 of Once Upon A Time.  I always forget how much Hook makes me swoon.  We were also excited by the return of Peter Kay’s Car Share this week; I loved the first series so have high hopes for this one!


Can I say, a discovery?  I bought some gorgeous tulips but they were the only ones left in the store and they were already a little droopy when I picked them out.  Someone suggested putting a copper coin in the bottom of the vase and honestly…it worked!  They are now standing super straight, three days later with no sign of a saggy tulip in sight.  Amazing.


Just about everything in my wardrobe!  On Saturday the weather turned out to be absolutely gorgeous.  It was so hot, and so clear that we absolutely had to spend a day down at the beach and I had a perfect excuse to bring out my new Primarni trousers which turned out to be very comfortable.  But the following day I was out in my winter coat with about ten layers on underneath.  Typical spring weather.


We’ve been listening to the Moana soundtrack pretty much nonstop this week.  I hadn’t seen the film but our local cinema were doing a cheap kids morning so we went along to see it and now we’ve all got the songs stuck in our head.  Not that I’m complaining as a) the sounds are fab and b) it makes a nice change from it being Trolls, Trolls and some more Trolls.

And Lastly…

I hope that you all have a fantastic Easter.  We have still got one week left off school and I’m hoping to get some work done today so that I can fully enjoy it with the kids.  Whether you are back at school or still on a break, have a wonderful week!

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