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Jess McGlynnApril 21, 2017

I know it sounds cliched but I actually can’t believe that it is Friday already.  This is the last ‘proper’ day of our Easter holidays and although I think the kids are ready to be back in the routine of school and I’m ready for some peace and quiet again, I don’t really want them to have to go back just yet!

We’ve had a brilliant week, and here are just some of the things we have loved:-


I am currently reading a book called Ink by Alice Broadway.  I’m only 100 or so pages in and I’m really loving the concept; it’s a YA fantasy where all your achievements and transgressions are tattoed onto your skin but so far there has just been a load of grisly writing about how once you have died, your skin is removed and turned into a book…apparently it gets better once you are passed this particular part but I am finding it equally gross and fascinating.


I haven’t watched much this week, a couple of episodes of Once Upon A Time here and there but I’ve mostly been spending my evenings working so I can spend time in the day with the kids.  Boring I know but it’s all part of that freelance work-life balance thing.  Apparently.


I’m going to have to gracefully bow out of this category this week as we haven’t really ‘made’ anything.  Unless you count an Easter Egg hunt which played out almost exactly the same as it did last year with the kids sporting wellies and braving the wind and rain to hunt out eggs in our garden.  Maybe one day we will get the bright sunshine everywhere else seems to get over the Easter weekend!


I took the kids to a special event on the East Lancashire Railway this week which was wizard themed and gave them the excuse to put on their Harry Potter robes and wands.  I am going to hopefully write a separate post about it but it was absolutely fantastic and they really enjoyed dressing up and playing the part of young wizard and witch on their way to rescue the sorting hat.


The Moana soundtrack is still being requested here daily; we haven’t watched the film once this week but we’ve had the music on in the background on a fairly constant basis.  I have to admit that the songs are catchy and interesting which makes it acceptable!

And Lastly…

I took the plunge and started my new bookish Instagram community this week.  There haven’t been too many people joining in (any tips push them my way…) but I wanted to showcase the ones who had joined in.  These are some of my favourites and I would love it if you hopped over and took a look.  You could even join in!

Have a great week all.

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