Robin Hood at Speke Hall ǀ Day Out

Jess McGlynnApril 27, 2017

Over the Easter holidays we were thrilled to discover that Speke Hall, which is just a short distance from us, was hosting a special outdoor adventure with Robin Hood.  We have visited Speke Hall a couple of times now since we became National Trust members but hadn’t yet attended one of their special events.

On arrival, Meg and Eli were encouraged to pick up a free trail and a leaflet which told us what was on throughout the day.  The trail had a map which showed the location of different activities all across the gardens, woodlands and maze plus a walk with Robin Hood himself.

Luckily for us, it was one of the few days over the holiday when the sun deigned to shine which made being outside bearable, although I’m sure the kids would have enjoyed it just as much even if it had been chucking it down!

We headed to the maze first as this is the kids favourite part.  I usually take myself up onto one of the bridges so I can look down and keep an eye out for them.  The activity here required them to find some items which Robin Hood had misplaced.

Then we spotted Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham: it was time for the walk!  We quickly made our way out of the maze and joined in with the fun.  The walk took us around some of the grounds of the house and ended with a rather amusing dance routine which children and adults alike were required to join in with (I opted for simply taking pictures instead!)

After a restorative cup of tea and a cake, we followed the map we had been given and completed the rest of the Robin Hood related activities; most of these had just been added into the existing areas which Speke Hall has including the new Childe of Hale play trail.  One of our favourite things about Speke Hall is the variety of outdoor areas.  You have the maze and a playground but also a woodland playground, the chance to build shelters and play giant musical instruments as well as the opportunity to wander through the woodlands and the formal gardens.

The house was closed on the day of our visit but this didn’t matter too much as Meg and Eli were kept more than occupied with the Robin Hood trail and it easily took us the best part of the afternoon to get everything done.

We finished our day off with some face painting which looked amazing.  It was one of those moments when you wished that it would last a little longer than a day as it was just fantastic.

Overall, we really enjoyed the activities at Speke Hall and the fact that it was all included with the entrance price (aside from the face painting).  It certainly makes me want to keep an eye on future upcoming events, especially as we move towards summer and can really make the most of being outdoors again.

This particular event has now finished but they run plenty of exciting and family friendly events throughout the year which you can find out more about here.

For more of our adventures over Easter (including footage from Speke Hall), you can check out our vlog:-

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