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Jess McGlynnJune 9, 2017

Happy Friday from Italy!!  I can only apologise that this week’s Little Loves post is going to be pretty much focused around one thing but we have had a lot to love this week and I am excited to share a snippet with you.  Of course there will be vlogs and blog posts in more detail to come but this is just a little insight.  By the time you read this, I will no doubt be landing back on English soil but it has been good, no, it has been amazing whilst it has lasted and Tuscany truly has a place in my heart now.


I haven’t had as much time to read this week as I thought I would as we have really tried to eke out every hour we’ve had.  I picked the first book in a new trilogy to bring along, Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb; one of my all-time favourite fantasy authors.  With the book being almost 900 pages I had hoped to make a fair indent in it, but I’m only 200 or so pages along!  Robin Hobb is truly the queen of epic fantasy and I have yet to pick up a book by her that I haven’t fallen head over heels in love with.


On Sunday we got to watch two amazing people get married at my brother in law’s wedding.  It was such a beautiful day in Liverpool and the kids behaved so well.  Meg had to walk down the aisle first (and there were a few tense moments when the music started and she didn’t appear!) and then Eli followed with his cousin, holding a sign for their Uncle.  There were a lot of tears, let me tell you!  It was just an all round fantastic day and I am so thrilled to welcome his new bride into our family.


Well, there is really only one option for this and that is that we made the trip to Tuscany.  We came for five days as a combined birthday and anniversary trip and although I have missed the kids like crazy, we’ve just had a brilliant time.  We sat and tried to think about our favourite moments from the holiday last night and just couldn’t pinpoint one thing.  From the food to the people, the sights to the weather, it’s just been one of those trips which we will always remember with fondness.


I shared my favourite outfit from the trip over on Instagram last night but it is this playsuit from Oasis.  I love the bright colours and the high neck detail, and it is so light that it was perfect for the 30 degree plus weather we have had.


We didn’t get around to making a play list for our trip but we couldn’t have come all the way to Italy and not enjoyed a little Il Divo.  We’ve done a fair amount of driving over the last five days so we’ve managed to make our way through quite a few of their albums!

And Lastly…

I just cannot put into words how fantastic our trip has been.  There were definitely times when we didn’t think we were going to be able to get away and then times of worrying about leaving the kids for so long but I’m really glad we came.  It was so lovely to be able to spend some quality time with each other, and to celebrate 10 years of being married in style.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the kids again and giving them a big squeeze and I’d love to bring them back here one day as there is just so much to see and do, and I think that they would absolutely adore it.

But there…I will stop gushing now enough to wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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