Learning to Drive with Admiral ǀ Review

Jess McGlynnJune 27, 2017

Sometimes an opportunity comes along which is just too intriguing to pass up.  When Admiral got in touch to ask whether Meg and Eli would be interested in coming along and trying out the new Firefly; a car designed specifically for children aged 5-10 year old, these cars feature independent suspension, disc brakes, twin electric motors, rack and pinion steering, indicators and headlights.

Admiral Young Drivers have been offering driving lessons to children aged 10-17 years old successfully for a while and wanted to extend these lessons to those under 10, not only because it’s great fun and worthwhile to introduce them to the concept of driving but also from a road safety perspective as well.

So one afternoon we headed to the Etihad Stadium in Manchester for Meg and Eli’s 20 minute lessons. 

There was a course laid out using plastic cones, which featured a number of different routes, stop and one way signs and even a little roundabout.

The instructors spent a lot of time talking with Meg and Eli about general road safety, how to use a steering wheel properly, the safe ways to approach junctions and roundabouts and how the car actually worked.  Both of them walked away with fantastic knowledge which will only help them the next time; maybe even when Meg is old enough to drive the bigger car!

After 10 minutes putting their newfound skills to the test, parents are then invited along for a drive for the remaining 10 minutes of the lesson.  It was funny watching how different Meg and Eli were when it came to their approaches to driving; Eli treated it like a mini race course whereas Meg was much more diligent, making sure she turned every corner carefully, feeding the steering wheel through her hands.  If anything that makes me feel like these lessons will be good at building confidence as I can almost see Meg being a hesitant learner when she gets to 17, whereas with these lessons she can already have a basic grasp of road safety.  

Lesson prices start at £19.95 for a 20 minute Firefly lesson and there are locations all over the UK.  I don’t know whether it is something I would arrange regularly for the kids at this stage but definitely something to think about as they get closer to being ready to start driving lessons.

Research shows that early driving experience can cut road accidents by 40% which is a staggering figure, especially when you consider that 1 in 5 young people crash within 6 months of passing their test.  For that reason alone, this concept is so unique and such a great idea if you want to gradually build up road safety knowledge in your children whilst allowing them to have fun.

Thank you to Admiral for inviting us along for the day.  Both Meg and Eli really enjoyed themselves.

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