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Jess McGlynnJune 30, 2017

I have found it so difficult to get back into the swing of things since coming home from Italy; I just don’t want to face up to the routine of getting back to normality I think!  I’ve missed a couple of Little Love updates simply because life has been so chaotic but I think we are back on an even keel now.  Does anyone else find that if they let one thing slip, then everything else goes off-kilter, or is that just me?!


So over the last couple of weeks I have finished Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb and 1984 by George Orwell and I am currently reading Fault Line by Robert Goddard.  Although I really enjoyed both the books I finished I found them pretty hard going and I needed something quick and easy to round off the month.  Robert Goddard is one of my go-to authors when it comes to page-turning thrillers so he was the obvious choice.

I finished Season One of Blindspot this week and OH.MY.GOODNESS – talk about leaving everyone on a cliff-hanger!  Annoyingly, Season Two has disappeared from on demand so I’m going to have to wait until August when the Blu-Ray comes out to find out what happens next!

I’m a bit rubbish at self-promotion (it’s something James is constantly telling me to work on) but in this case I’m quite proud of what I made over the last week: in the form of three vlogs about our trips to Italy.  I have fast fallen head over heels for Youtube and vlogs; I love watching them and I love the creativity of making them plus the fact that you have something to look back on and show the kids in the future as well.  So, I’ll pop a link to the final one but if you fancied watching any of them that would be amazing.  And if you have ever considered going to Tuscany then I hope the vlogs give you a glimpse of what a stunning part of the world it is.  I can’t wait to go back.


This week has been a bit of a funny one for clothes.  It has been warm but very wet and I’ve had to wear my raincoat far more than I would have liked.  It’s been that awful humid weather as well where there’s no point straightening my hair because the second I step out of the door it just expands.  In all honestly I’d like the beautiful sunny weather back please.


Some potentially interesting news.  Meg’s old dance class are putting together an adult team for a competiton and they have asked for mum’s who might be interested.  I used to dance (a long time ago!) and I kind of want to put my name forward but I also think that maybe 30 is just too old to be leaping around a stage.  I don’t know…

And Lastly…
I don’t really have much to add here apart from to say that this week has just been an overall good week.  We are one step closer to the lovely stretch of summer holidays and although that means one step closer to having to up sticks and move out of our rented house I also can’t wait for there to be no school run!  I just hope he sun decides to make an appearance.

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