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Jess McGlynnJune 30, 2017

I know I have mentioned it a number of times now but it’s something which is very difficult to get away from (unfortunately!) and that is our impending house move.  Our landlady has decided to sell the house and we are having to find somewhere new to live.  We wisely decided that the summer would be a great time as we wouldn’t have the pressure of the kids being in school but as it looms ever closer I’m beginning to wonder about the true wisdom of that!

Regardless, we have moved house a number of times since being married and I like to think it’s something we are quite practiced at.  It certainly doesn’t fill me with the same level of dread that it once did and I think we’ve managed to get the process quite streamlined these days (although I don’t know that that is something to boast about necessarily…)

So off the back of that I thought I’d pass on some tips we have picked up along the way which might help anyone else with an upcoming house move, especially for anyone moving with children:-

1. Get The Kids Excited
Moving house with children can be a really anxious time for everyone so it pays to talk to your kids about the move, the new house and the new area and get them excited about the adventure.  Listen to any concerns they may have and do your best to reassure them.  You obviously won’t be changing your mind based on their reactions but it’s best to make them feel as though any issues or worries they have are being heard.  If it’s possible, take your children to visit the new house and talk through where there rooms will be and what you can do to them…being able to see exactly where they will be sleeping and that it maybe isn’t so different from what they have now will help a lot in the transitional period.

2. Pack Early
Nobody wants to live surrounded by boxes, especially when you have children but the reality is that the sooner you start, the less pressure you will feel as your moving day comes closer.  Make a list of things you consider to be ‘essential’ to your every day living and keep those out but begin to pack and clear out the rest of your belongings as soon as it is practical to do so.  Grab a suitcase for each member of the family and pack into there anything you know you will need throughout the move and in the immediate days afterwards.  This will relieve the pressure of having to unpack boxes the moment you arrive.

3. Pack Well
It can be so tempting to throw things randomly into boxes but if you take the time to pack well and clearly label boxes then it will make your life at the other end so much simpler.  Whether you are hiring a van or using a furniture removal company such as Shiply to do the moving for you, make sure you clearly label each box so you know immediately which room it needs to go into in the new house.  Another top tip is to NEVER use newspaper as it leaves print over everything.  It might be cheap but butchers paper or kraft paper is so much better and you won’t have the additional worry of having to wash items before they can be used.

4. Have A Good Clear Out
There is no better time to declutter than when you are moving house and it’s something we have learned to be quite ruthless about.  Unless something is of particular sentimental value or is seasonal, if we haven’t used it in 6 months or more then it doesn’t make the cut.  There’s no point carrying items with you that don’t get used, don’t work or are just waiting for you to fix them up ‘one day’.

5. Prioritise Bedrooms
Experience has shown us that a good night’s sleep can do wonders for an upheaval such as moving house so getting beds up and bedrooms sorted should be a real priority.  If you are able to get your kids rooms sorted as quickly as possible then this will help them settle that much quicker.  As a minimum try to get everyone’s beds made up with clean sheets so that everyone can have a good rest.

6. Stay Calm
Ultimately, moving house can be a stressful experience but if you are edgy or anxious then your kids are going to pick up on this and react to it.  If you know that you are unlikely to be able to remain calm then see if a family member or friend can look after the kids for the day so you can simply concentrate on getting everything moved across.  

Do you have any tips for moving house with children?

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