Sunny Days, Good News & Bardot Tops ǀ Little Loves

Jess McGlynnJuly 7, 2017

Friday already but what a week it has been!  I fully expected another miserably damp week of school runs and frizzy hair and longing for the sunshine but the sun actually decided to make an appearance!  So instead we have had a beautiful week of playing in the garden, staying up far too late, eating far too many ice creams (well…the kids) and being just that little bit too pink at the end of the day (that would be me…)

I know it sounds like I’ve pretty much summed up our week but read on for some more of my little loves:-


This week I read, finished and loved The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.  It was just the perfect mixture of family drama, mystery, coming of age and history.  I love a good dual timeline story and this was done in a clever fashion with a biographer being told someone’s life story.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend.

We watched the original The Mummy movie this week, in solidarity for the fact that Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe are just never going to be a match for Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.  Does anybody know why these big film corporations keep remaking classic films? I’d quite like them to leave a good thing alone!  It is, of course, completely cringe-worthy and a little cheesy but I just love it.


After a very exciting phone call with my mother which lasted almost an hour (we can never manage to keep things short!) I made some plans for our summer holiday and for my sister’s hen party.  I’ve never had to plan a hen party before and I’m really looking forward to what we have got in store for her {and if she’s reading this…nice try!}


I am really loving the trend for bardot tops at the moment and I recently picked up this one in New Look.  I’ve been dying to wear it with a pair of white skinny jeans ever since I bought it but it just hasn’t been the right weather.  At the weekend I teamed it with my ripped jeans and a pair of flats and it wasn’t a bad look if I do say so myself.

We heard some good news this week about Eli, his eczema and possible food intolerances.  We have been waiting a while to get an appointment with a GP and I fully expected to have to go in all mama bear-like but the doctor really listened to us and we came away with a plan for the next couple of months and some things to think about.  On top of that he gave us a prescription for cream which actually seems to be working.  It’s about double the strength of the stuff we normally have for his eczema but not having Eli waking up and crying in the night because his skin is itching has been an absolute miracle.  We are so pleased and hopefully in a month or so we will be able to clear his skin completely!

And Lastly…
I think after this weekend we are forecast rain again for a while but hasn’t it been glorious?  It sounds a little sad but I always know the weather has been good when I can see the bottom of my washing basket.  Who doesn’t love a good clothes line swishing with washing?!

Have a wonderful week all!

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